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expired Buy 1 Traditional or Gourmet Pizza & Get 1 Free @ Domino's


BOGOF back for today (Saturday) only. Purchase any traditional or gourmet pizza and receive another pizza of equal or lesser value.

Makes 2 traditionals $11.99 ($5.99ea) or 2 gourmets $14.99ea ($7.49ea) in Wellington City store.

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    I never order dominos on principle. Our local store delivery fees are outrageous. They charge a delivery fee of $10 for the first pizza, and an extra $5 delivery fee for each additional pizza.

    eg if I ordered 10 pizzas the delivery fee is nearly $60!! KFC which is virtually next door to our dominos, charges $7.50 delivery regardless of the size of the order.


      I find these BOGOF or 40% off promos don't work out as well for delivery than pickup. Try some of the delivery deals here where the delivery fee isn't variable:

      46055 3 Traditional Pizzas $27 Delivered 19/03/2018
      66847 3 Traditional Pizzas + 2 Garlic Breads & 2 1.25L Drinks $36.99 Delivered 6 hours 59 min to go
      05024 3 Traditional Pizzas $27.99 Delivered 19/03/2018

      Let me know if that works out better.


        Thanks, might check it out next time. But we've found that the specials often don't match what we would like to order .


          No probs.

          Yeah that's true, if you don't want 3 pizzas or some multiple of 3 (6, 9 etc.) it becomes a little tricky as most of the deals are generally for 3 pizzas and adding on something extra can also add to the delivery fee as you mentioned earlier.

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