Which TV to Why?

I am looking to buy a 55 inch 4K UHD TV. I am confused between LG 55UJ752 and Sony X8500E.

Which Television would you recommend?

Should I wait for easter to get good good deals?


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    After having owned a Sony with Android TV for a few years, I recommend the Sony. But it depends what you use the TV for, I get a lot of use out of Kodi, it's nice to be able to play any media, and it outputs 5.1 over optical for apps which is apparently rare, it also has Chromecast built in, which we use to stream SkyGo to the TV (after the app stopped working).


      +1 for Android if you can get it, much more functionality than any other smart TV on the market here(ie Kodi as mentioned)


    Hi I have that LG TV in my bedroom, and a Sony KD-55X7000D in my lounge LG TV awesome for gaming,Sony pretty good for content on android 7,LG has dolby vision which is freaking cool go and see them before deciding


    Oh the LG TV content store very limited in nz Sony TV has Google play store, music movies etc


    Previously i was also looking for good TV, but last year during black Friday period i bought a projector(epson 2150) from amazon around 1100NZD. It's amazing and it could project 120 inch works perfect with chormecast and XBOX