Best Samsung Galaxy S9 pre order deal

Hi guys,

Anyone out there also looking to get the s9?

So far I think pbtech has the best pre order package deal.

Wondering if anyone knows of any other sites doing deals

I know of:
Harvey Norman
Noel leeming
Jb hifi


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    PB have had the best preorder deal with the s8 and note 8 too.
    Have ordered the s9+ midnight black with the speaker headphone and charger from pb.

    Didn't really want a monitor or another VR headset


      Thanks. Looks like I’ll be getting that too. Same thing doesn’t need another monitor or vr headset.

      Was hoping there will be other companies that have ‘other’ deals as I also already have speakers/earphone. But in terms of value it is much much better than other companies.


    I'm looking to buy the s9+, does anyone know where I would get the best deal for that?


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