WiFi extender?

Hi everyone, I'm sick of my WiFi range being so weak so I'm wondering if anyone has any recommendations for something to help with that?
Has anyone tried this?



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    That's very basic, I bought the Netgear Nighthalk R7000 about 2 years ago and it's pretty good for a normal sized home. If you want to extend to a certain area of the house you can also try and power line adapter and an access point combo as I've found most power line adaptors that have wifi are very weak. Depends on your needs. My soultion was to just get a high powered consumer access point and put it in the middle of the house and works fine. You can also ask on geekzone.co.nz for help there.

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      It should be noted that it is a 2-way system and you can have the most powerful AP in the world, but that doesn't mean anything if it can't "hear" your wireless device. Mobile phones for example have very small radio's in them and might be able to pick up a good WiFi signal, but because they can't send a signal as far as say a laptop which typically has a larger radio, it won't communicate with the AP.

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    What is your current router or AP?
    Personally I never recommend anything other than a AP as a way of extending range or capacity. The one you linked is cheap and could potentially do the job (well), but it's an all-in-one as it contains a modem too which i find overheat or become unreliable (your better to get a unit that does one job exceptionally).

    Also I recommend hard wiring the AP, unless you are using enterprise hardware and the same model units, wireless links can be unreliable and in a lot of cases incompatible model to model.

    A cheap, solid recommendation would be a used Ubiquiti UAP, you can get 2nd hand ones off trademe for $50 or less and they have very good range and as enterprise units are very reliable.

    Here's an example for $60


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    If your ISP is Vodafone, try talking to them to see if they can help. Some of their plans come with free Wi-Fi Extenders.



    Thanks for the help guys!


    I am using a powerline network adaptor
    can use in multiple rooms

    so here is how i use one at the original Router connected to it
    1 another room - connected to a regular adsl router (using my old one )

    network uses the power cables as the network.

    so get wifi + 4 network ports

    it works

    adsl is linksys x2000
    vdsk is the one provided by Spark

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