Recommended broadband providers

Strongly considering my republic's $74.95/month gigatown plan as the place we are moving to is fibre ready.
That sound like a good deal?




    It sounds good assuming you are actually in Gigatown.
    I think by comparison the cheapest unlimited standard fibre (100/30) is about the same price without a contract.
    What i don't understand is they offer gamer broadband and standard broadband, yet they appear to be the same speeds, etc?


      Yes I think that is correct. Currently they have a promo to get $200 off a ps4 pro from the Sony store as well, but the price is $89.95/month I think.
      I hope I'm in gigatown!


        The screen I was looking at it was "from 74.95" for both options but I guess they are both the same until you add the "addons".

        Gigatown is Dunedin isn't it? The rest of the country is just "gigabit" usually at about a $40 premium.


          Yup, Gigatown is Dunedin.
          I might have the prices mixed up as well.
          Thanks for your input nonetheless.


    Spark has a deal at the moment - $300 off on either a 12 or 24 month contract. $90 per month, minus $300 averages to $65 per month on a 12 month contract. Not sure on speeds and any other conditions that may affect you.

    May be worth a look.

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