Are there Any ATM Cards/ bank accounts That Offer No Fees for International ATM Withdrawals?

In Australia we have the Citibank.Plus transaction account that does this charging close to the market rate only on certain ATM withdrawals worldwide. Is there anything similar in NZ?
If not what does everyone use to withdraw cash internationally?

Thanks in advance



    I use my Air NZ One smart travel card, load it up with whatever currency I need for the trip. Means no international POS fees and atm fees.


    Anz has the most overseas atms.
    If you use a Anz ATM when overseas. It should work out cheaper. They don't charge there part of the fee.
    I usually just walk into the foreign bank offering best exchange rate that day and withdraw cash manually over the counter with my card that way you don't have to pay fees.
    Basically the answer is no there is no bank. Only hacks.


    Thanks for the responses guys.
    May consider trying using Torfx or Tranaferwise and transferring holiday money to my Australian Citibank account for a trip to see how we go with that.
    Appreciate your input nonetheless.

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    Westpac charge no fees if you use a global alliance ATM. We use that if we can to withdraw cash, sometimes AirNZ OneSmart if it supports the currency we need, you get some free ATM withdrawals each month. But we mostly just use our credit card.

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      We've looked at this extensively, but it was back in 2016. Not sure if things have changed. The Westpac ATM global alliance was the only reasonable way to go. Some also didn't work in South America.

      ANZ is limited to AsiaPacific and there were some funny conditions.


      I just checked the exchange rate on the OneSmart and you'd probably be better off just using your Westpac card.

      Make a $100 AUD purchase on the OneSmart and you'll pay $114.28 (if you preload AUD onto the card). Use a normal Westpac debit card and you'll pay $113.35.

      AirNZ hide their fees in the exchange rate whilst pretending it's fee-free. It's done deliberately to trick people and should be illegal.

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