What Ever Happened to Shaw?

Last login was 31/8/2017. Used to be a very active mod, then nothing.


  • Hi techhit,

    Shaw is no longer working with us as of August 2017.

    To see the current list of staff/moderators please see this page



      Wow, nobody is NZ based.


        population aussie = 24.13 million
        ozbargain users = 2,114,783 (8% of population)
        population nz = 4.693 million
        cheapies users = 3,354 (0.0000?% of population)
        yeah i can see why no moderators are based in NZ


          Yeah, it wasn't a criticism or anything. But it's understandable, given the small user base. We're lucky that we have this site at all, so I'm thankful for that.


          @techhit: Yeah lucky we have something out there, but with the difference in user percentage i think the cheapies advertising budget could do with some of that ozbargain click money to spread the word!

      • +1 vote

        We might be looking at hiring local to look after Cheapies.nz later this year. Just that at this moment AU staffs have taken cared all the moderation tasks.

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