Disposable Diapers

Can anyone recommend somewhere to buy diapers for a good price?
Thank you.


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    We buy our nappies from babyonline.co.nz, if you buy the big packs they tend to be quite a bit cheaper than buying from the supermarkets.

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    I've found Pak n Save to be the cheapest (Royal Oak - Akl is the one I go to) where they have them for $25.99 every week. Limit 1 box


    watch out for specials, the bulk pack of treasures can go for $20 every month/two

    i dont know how cheap these specialty stores are but i understand that they import and sell nappies to suit special purposes and children.

    i know the one on the main road in Papatoetoe sells alot to corperate clients.


    The price you should be paying for a Huggies Jumbo box is between $26-$30. Do NOT buy if not on special (normally around $42). There is always some supermarket that has them on special, and pak'n'save normally has them for $26.