This was posted 9 months 9 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

expired UPDATE: Vodafone Promo Still Ongoing Phone X/iPhone 8 - 30% Discount Based on T&C or $502 Discount


UPDATE: Promo still ongoing/ Special deal link still working as of now. Phone X/iPhone 8 - 30% discount Based on t&c Or $502 discount While promo is ongoing

Just Finished getting Iphone X Space Gray 256gb gift to my wife Through Vodafone Cuba Street, they are really helpful specially Richard Freeman, normally it's a Phone promo deal or Online Shop but you just mention the promo online then should be honor it at the shop. $64.50 per month for 24 months then add $59.99 an open term Red+ Lite - open term Total monthly cost $124.09 deposit $49.00
Data 10GB of data each month
Talk Std NZ & Oz numbers unlimited calls
TXTs Std NZ & Oz numbers unlimited TXTs
Free Social Pass for 3 months Endless data on social media apps
There also deal on Iphone 8, Iphone 8 Plus and Samsung Galaxy 8/8+
Switching to Vodafone has never been more rewarding
NOTE: Special interest free offers for new to Vodafone customers and existing prepay customers moving to Pay Monthly
Hurry there mobile promo are until 15/01/18 only!

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    Something to be very wary of is this. Terms and Conditions, Clause 2:

    Full RRP of the device (including discount) must be repaid if you exit or transfer your plan before 24 months

    So it’s “open term” but if you leave within 24 months, you have to pay the full $1799 (less what you’ve already paid).


    Thank you for your details on the Terms and Conditions. Yes I Agreed. I don't plan to wait for 24 months to pay the Iphone X, I will pay it after 12 months and keep my open term plan(much cheaper rather the $99 Red Plan. :^ )

    For me it's a good deal, there is no one at Pricespy or other NZ store at this moment, who got BIG discount on Iphone X other than the Vodafone. $2,099 minus $49 deposit, $502 total cost of Iphone X 256gb $1,548 only :^ ) rather than pay for $2,099 full price


      Thanks for the post. Is the phone unlocked? or locked to Vodafone?


        All iPhones sold in NZ are unlocked and can be used with any provider. Locking is typically only on phones under $150

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        I think there vidafone network locked. I found this link on their website,

        small number of Vodafone mobile phones are locked to our network. Here's how to unlock it, so you can use your mobile on another NZ network or overseas - with another network's SIM card.
        How much does it cost?
        There's no charge to unlock a mobile that was bought more than 9 months ago
        There's a $30 (inc. GST) fee to unlock a mobile bought less than 9 months ago.
        How to unlock your Vodafone mobile
        Simply click the button below and follow the steps to get the unlock instructions for your mobile. A link to your unlock instructions will also sent to the email address you provide.
        Before you start…
        Have your IMEI number handy. To find your IMEI number, enter *#06# on your keypad or look under your mobile phone's battery
        The non-Vodafone SIM card needs to be in the locked Vodafone NZ mobile to enter the unlock code
        If your mobile was purchased less than 9 months ago you’ll need your debit or credit card to pay the unlock fee - you cannot use Vodafone Prepay credit to do this.

        Or try to call the 0800 for vodafone.

        Hope this help.


      Really interested in this deal…however does these numbers work out? I am confused!!
      If you change the plan after 12 months would you not need to pay back to Vodafone the difference in full RRP (Inclusing discount) for Iphone X?? thanks


    It appears you can select the 12 month term and still receive the $500 discount.


    Thank you for comments and feedback, this is my only second post after being a buyer and save heaps after so many years, it’s time to share the savings!😁 Hope this post help who needs a discounted Iphone.

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