expired Free 5 Eztoken Worth 5 USD (Requires You to Register)


I signed up and got 5 coins, should be worth at least 5 USD.

But who knows what it could jump to. Might as well grab them since they're free.


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    So you just register to get them? Can't find anything on the site to say


    Couldnt you just open up a bunch of accounts and stack up the coins and then when the company makes its transferable exchange them to BTC to ETH?

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    i dont think giving promoting crytopcurrencies or token offerings are a good idea, there are infinite number of these out there and most are scams. heck i could even start one and give free tokens (worth $1000) to people who register. it's baseless and a slippery slope.

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      Best way to register is to use something like Bulc Club (free service).

      You create a Bulc Club username, e.g. "Dummy". Your Bulc Club forwarder address will then be @Dummy.bulc.club. Any emails that go to *@Dummy.bulc.club will go to your real email. You can then dynamically create anything before the @ symbol, so in this case, I might do something like:


      If EzToken sells/leaks your information to someone, and they use your eztoken@Dummy.bulc.club email address to send you emails, then you'll know for sure that EzToken leaked your details. You can then go into Bulc Club to block the eztoken@Dummy.bulc.club from working.

      I have one for pretty much everything, e.g


      And I can easily disable any of these forwarders. My real mailbox will stay clean and masked.


    Registered. Just trying and will see what happen next.

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