Suggestions for Good Places or Websites to Sell Your Car?

Wanting to sell my car, checked out TradeMe to list found out it's $80 for a listing…
Any other cheap or free alternatives out there?


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    Depending on what your selling i had really good success with Facebook marketplace. Yes you get the lowballers and people wanting swaps. But it's free and you can message people fast.
    Could be worth setting up a second account though. I listed my wife's old car and literally had over 50 people get in touch over a week

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    Wow $80. It was $20?? I'd still pay it though. $80 is nothing compared to cost of car and you want to sell or asap usually.

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      I have now confirmed with the site owner that for a basic listing it is free , but you can pay for upgrades

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    Just list your car on TradeMe as an auction, it's basically the same as a classified ad. Most of the time people won't bid.

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    From memory, $80 is a one time fee and you can re-list your Trademe listing for as many times as you want, until it is sold. I think you can set it to auto relist on expiry, so you won't have to manage it at all. Haven't used FB marketplace before, but I think generally people check Trademe and you might get a better chance there.

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    FWIW Just listed my Dads car (as an auction) on Trademe on Sunday morning. Literally in less than 5 min, someone asked me for a buy now (rang my Dad to confirm what he wanted), put the buy now he wanted on it, and the person clicked the button. Sold. Literally in less than 15 minutes all up. You can't argue with Trademe when looking at exposure to the largest active market, but yeah the $140 (or thereabouts) for the auction ($40) and then the 2% fee's sort of suck. But it works. I don't think I would be inclined to go to car fairs etc.
    The FB Marketplace I steer clear of, so wonder how many others do too…ie reducing your exposure….just comes down to what it is you are selling and how quickly you want to sell I suppose shrug.


    Anyone have experience with U-Sell? I'm considering selling my car privately but don't want to deal with tyre kickers.