Pureprofile - account closures

My account on Pureprofile has been closed for suspicion of having more than one acccount. This may of happend because I've logged in via Facebook login option in the past when the site was having issues logging in via email.

For those who have been actively doing surveys on Pureprofile and have accumulated a lot of credit, I'd recomend you cash out to avoid wasting stored credit if your account were to be closed.

My account is under appeal I think.

Also if you're with Smilecity and Myopinions, if you try to cashout at a computer outside where you usually cashout your rewards (ie. At home)
Theres a possible chance your account could get locked out. I've done this at least 2 times when they didn't tell me how it got locked out.

Anyways, just thought I'd give you guys a heads up.

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