AliExpress Import Fees

Hi all,

Really interested in the xiaomi flagship and it's on offer at 515 nzd, has anyone ordered anything from China and not had to worry about customs or import fees? If not how much extra will it cost


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    Assuming $515 includes shipping, the import costs from customs will be an extra $126.49 in total, according to:


    You could contact the merchant and request them to change the value of the goods written on the package be below $400NZD, which should mean you wouldn't have to pay any import tax. I'm not in any way recommending that you do, since it's technically fraud.


      i would do this too, most ali sellers just want to make a sale. + lots of sub $400 phones clear customs easy. i have two xiaomi phones and can highly recommend them

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    Usually they will mark the parcel as a gift, or write the cost to be below a certain amount. You can specify this in your delivery notes. I never had to do this though and have bought a few phones off Aliexpress.

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