Cheapies Christmas Treasure Hunt 2017 - $600 in Prizes (Instant Win and Raffle)

Hi Cheapies!

It's almost Christmas, and we will be running our annual Treasure Hunt again this year! It would be the same format & same prizes, running between 14-17 December.


These are the treasures that are scattered around that might popup randomly. Look out for them!

  • 30 x $10 instant wins
  • 150 x raffle tickets. 3 prizes will be drawn $150, $100 & $50
  • Total prize pool $600

10 dollars Raffle ticket

All logged-in users are able to participate. Random prizes might popup on different pages on the website. Spot these when you scroll through the deals and comments!

Click to Reveal the treasure

Click on it to reveal the treasure! You have to hurry as it would only stay on screen for 15 seconds before disappearing into the void. Once the treasure is revealed, it's another click away to be claimed:

Click to Claim the treasure

You can find all your claimed treasures in marketplace where you can get other information — for example when the next treasure will be revealed, and how many pieces of treasure are in the wild ready to be discovered.

Date / Time?

The first set of treasures will be released at 2PM 14 Dec 2017! Moreover

  • $10 instant wins will be released on the site every 1-2 hours
  • 3x raffle tickets will be released on the site every 50 minutes from 2:30PM today

We'll wrap up the treasure hunt at 12AM on Sunday 17 Dec Monday 18 Dec, and the prizes will be drawn soon after. However as last year's treasure hunt was extended so all the treasures can be claimed, I suspect we might have to do that as well.

After the treasure hunt finishes, those who have claimed prizes will be able to go to market place to fill in your PayPal details to claim your treasure.

Let the hunt begin!



    Hi Scotty, is there a limit of how many one user is allowed, as i think last year is seemed no matter how hard we tried the most was 4?

    • +2 votes

      Same. 4 items max. I do hope more members can participate so leave some for the others :)

  • +1 vote

    I think it would be handy to list where we are likely to find them again, can't remember if they appear in expired deals, how many minimum comments etc.

  • +1 vote

    Got my four.

    Once I got this error when I think I clicked twice to claim one.

    Good luck everybody :)

    • +2 votes

      Yeah. Now sit back and relax and waiting for the rest of the community to catch up :)


    Thanks for the tips on where they pop up!

  • +1 vote

    Looks like I'll have to extend the finishing time again as there are still 41 unclaimed pieces of treasure at the moment. Another 24 hours, and the prizes will be drawn Monday morning.


    Checked a bunch (30 or so) of active deals pages and the new/main pages but didn't find anything, guess they're all claimed now.


    Hii! I only got 3, checked everything a couple of times now, unsure where else to check :( BTW thanks for all of this, love this website :)


      Same got three and spent quite a while looking for number four but gave up. Wondering if it’s a max of two of each type of ticket and all the $10 are gone which is why I can’t find the 4th.


        I could only find 2 x $10 as well, found about 30 raffle tickets while looking for another $10 (probably the same tickets that kept popping up)

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    That pretty much concluded the Christmas treasure hunt this year. All the $10 cash prize have been found, and the left-over are all raffle tickets.

    • Quickest item claimed was by keurikeuri (Raffle Ticket, 6min29sec after becoming available)
    • Quickest $10 Instant Win claimed was by RDT1 (42 minutes)
    • Busiest hours were between 12PM-3PM where 28% of items were claimed
    • No treasure hunting (or at least no items claimed) between 12AM to 3AM

    and the winners for the draw are…

    Winner Prize
    philyy $150
    fatboyj $100
    Tvan $50


    For those who have won $10 Instant Win — please go to the marketplace page to fill out your PayPal details. I will also contact the winners to get their details, and I shall send out all the prizes this week.

    Have a merry Christmas.

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    Congrats to the winners and thanks again! :)

  • +1 vote

    Congrats winners and thank you! :))


    Have all prizes been paid out on paypal by now ?


      Yes it has. Sent out a big mass payment on PayPal on the 17th.


        Oh :( I saw this on my inventory page.. thought I had won something. Anyway thanks for hosting the treasure hunt.

        "You have successfully claimed some treasures! Please use the following form to update your PayPal ID (usually your email address)."

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