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Les Mills 30 Day Gym Voucher


Voucher for 30-day free trial at Les Mills Gym.

Terms and Conditions
This voucher entitles the bearer to use one nominated Les Mills club for 30 consecutive days. Must be activated at the chosen club by 31 December 2017. Not available to current members. Not available if you have had a trial at Les Mills in the past 6 months. Available to individuals who reside in NZ only. Trial available at Britomart club between the hours of 6am-10pm only. Cannot be used in conjunction with any other Les Mills offer or special pricing discount. Voucher is not valid if reproduced.
Voucher is not redeemable for cash and is void if on-sold. $150 value is calculated at 4x weekly prepay membership, plus joining fee. Standard Les Mills conditions apply.
Les Mills reserves the right to refuse entry on the grounds of minimum age (15), health and safety. Additional fee may apply for Les Mills cycle classes, The Arena, and Personal Training. www.lesmills.co.nz

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  • Says something about no reproductions, so how would u use this?

  • Could be a legal team covering their bases. It might be a standard T&C in case the voucher has some other value, like one for a session with a personal trainer.

    If you want to be strictly complaint you could show the original on your phone. But I think you will be fine printing it.

  • Can anyone confirm this works if I show this on my phone?

    • I'll ask this afternoon.

      • +1

        hey, did u find out? Im ok with getting denied from a supermarket for having a photocopy or a ph coupon, not so keen on getting denied at a gym though :)

        • +1

          Waiting for an answer.

        • I managed to sign myself up yesterday with the voucher and I just showed it on my phone, however the staff were very suspicious as to how I got the voucher and when I explained they looked even more suspicious but let me through anyway. So it worked for me, just, but can't guarantee it'll work for you, might depend on how nice the staff are.

        • +1

          I'm still waiting for a reply from the accounts team. From hamiltonian experience I'd say just print it out to save the suspicious questions.
          Sill, I fine it odd to run a promo and then when it successfully gets a new potential customer in the door you don't treat them like a superstar.

        • @RockCartel:

          Just wondering how did you get this voucher? Just in case they ask me…

        • I got an email from them.
          Subject: Kick back, enjoy your break
          Summer's coming. Time to kick back and unwind.
          Give the gift of fitness to a friend, with a Les Mills 30 day trial voucher.

  • Link to their website if you want to show it directly from their domain - www.lesmills.co.nz/media/1878276/30_day_trial_lm_2017.pdf

  • Britomart only?

  • Is it Britomart only?

  • +2

    No, the Britomart option has those time restrictions.

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