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expired Domino's Customer Appreciation Day $2/$4/$6 Pizzas 2/12/17 12PM to 2PM (Selected Stores)


Customer Appreciation Day, December 2 2017 - 12PM to 2PM

$2 Value Range Pizzas - 32768
$4 Traditional Range Pizzas - 22060
$6 Gourmet Range Pizzas - 09232

Only Valid at:

Te Awamutu
Davies Corner
Point Chev
St Heliers
Te Atatu
Te Atatu Peninsula

Pick up Only - (*$2 Surcharge applies for half 'n' half pizzas and each additional topping. $2.99 extra for Gluten Free pizzas. $3.99 extra for Cheesy Crust Pizzas. No half 'n' half allowed on value range. $2 extra for the Edge. No substitute topping allowed on Value Range. All offers not valid with any other coupon or offer. Only Available at selected stores.)

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    Wow, here we go again.


    I finally ordered the $2 pepperoni Dominoes pizza the other day, and well yep, its definitely a $2 pizza. You get what you paid for. I would pay for Pizza Hut's $5 pepperoni pizza instead.


      yeah dominos at my local has dropped standards big time, dirty pans or something, instead of golden brown bases often dirty black spots. My rule is $5 or more i go to pizzahut, $2 and free i put up with dominoes.

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    Has someone successfully used the code. Mine was: The voucher 32768 is not accepted by your selected store. Store selected is Henderson


      Same problem! At least Te Atatu South works. Wonder what happens if you go to it or call. I have the flyer and it definitely says Henderson


        Yes, I just ordered at Te Atau South. Waited for around 30 mins as they are having bulk orders.


          Similar thing except I didn't tell the person picking up there were 5 pizzas. Since they can only stack 3, the other 2 were stored beside so the person picked up 3 and handed them over. Wasn't until got home that found out were missing 2 so had to go all the way back!