Kinder Bueno Chocolate Bars in Bulk?

Hi guys,

Can someone please tell me where I can find 30 pack boxes of Kinder Bueno at a decent price? Gilmours don't sell to consumers and PaknSave wouldn't give me any bulk discounts.



    If you know someone who works for a hospital or govt dept, they usually have access to a gilmour's purchasing code which they can find on the staff deals page on their work intranet. I can't find it from years ago when I used to have one sorry.

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    What kind of price per bar are you aiming for? This place is selling them for 99c each.


      Great, thanks! That's a decent price.


      ….and I missed it. :-( GreenKart removed the product listing. I was hoping to wait until black Friday is over before I make any "non-discretionary" grocery purchases.

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