Trampolines - Best Buying, Any Suggestions for Sub $400

As per title, looking for a 12-14ft trampoline. Not keen on paying more than $400, I see the warehouse, kmart, etc. Sell some for $200-$300 but their weight limits seem exceedingly bad (~100kg) where many on trademe are rated around 200kg.

Any input on whats decent, what lasts, etc.



    Big Bounce are meant to be good, friends who have them recommend. On trademe - they have $1 reserve auctions which can go a lot cheaper than their regular price (search expired listings to see how much cheaper). Unfortunately, not leading up to Christmas usually!


    Second the big bounce, we had one for a couple of years now and it's been good, until recently the zip broke. no1 fitness has free delivery on trampolines at the moment.