I realise the ads are pretty much randomly generated, but you might want to block this ad from appearing on your site.

MOD: Adlink removed.


  • Ads aren't "randomly generated" but advertisers bid on Google's AdExchange for a chance to appear on ChoiceCheapies. It's a free sample giveaway listing site in this case and it looks legitimate. Why do you want to have it blocked?


      Hey Scotty,

      I stumbled upon the site probably a year or so ago. I thought great, I'll get a free razor, and potentially post one of their deals on here. Anyway, from my experience it was impossible to redeem a free sample from the site, I was just be inundated with various other offers from the site. It just seemed an endless loop of surveys etc. that never lead anywhere. Anyway, it seems the owner has numerous other similar NZ sites. I don't think they're scam sites as such, but I don't think there are actually samples. I believe they're just sites set up to gather data. If you do a little digging into the domain owner etc. this conclusion seems to make sense.

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