Looking for The Best Power (Energy) Plan with Best Incentives

Hi I am looking for the best deal for power (no Gas required). I live in Mangere, Auckland.
On the price comparison online page came out with the following results-
1)Energy Online
2)Meridian Energy
3)Contact Energy.

I would appreciate any feedback taking into consideration any incentive offers. TIA



    Hi KBNZ

    We use electric kiwi. It has no contract, low rates and a free hour of power a day, which is great for using high power appliances such as the dish washer and clothes drier. The hour can be adjusted daily to what suits your needs. By using this feature we save about 20% per month on rival companies.
    There's also a scheme where a recommendation gains a $50 credit for the recommender and the new customer. I'm happy to be that person.



    We are also with Electric Kiwi and our hour of power works out to be about 15% of our usage.
    Are you able to provide more details of your current usage? Kw/h usage per month, what you currently pay, fixed costs and unit costs.

    Pretty much with Electric Kiwi if you can cram as much power hungry usage during your free hour of power, and the kw/h and fixed costs are competitive, you can easily save 15%. Examples being drier, dishwasher, hot water cyclinder, heat pumps/heaters, oven.


    Grab one of your latest power bills, give them a call and ask for their best deal. I was offered deals better than those on the powerswitch website. You can then take the best deal back to your existing provider and see if they will beat it.