Feedback on cashback website

Hi all,
We have launched cashback website for Kiwi consumers couple of months back.

  1. Vast variety of retailers, currently we have more than 100 local and international retailers, adding more on day by day.
  2. Offering highest cashback alongside high savings coupons
  3. Earn $5 cashback every time you successfully introduce friends, family and colleagues to

Your feedback and questions are important to us. Please contact us ( with any enquiries you might have.

Happy shopping.



    This looks very polished. Something that NZ has been missing for a VERY long time. I use TopCashBack at the moment as it has a Paypal option. Is this something that will be available at some point?


      Thank you very much for your feedback, there will be Paypal option in the coming months.

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    Mods - can we get the signups added to the referral system?


      One can earn $5 cashback every time you successfully introduce friends, family and colleagues to Kiwiwallet. All of your associated signups are successfully added to your referral, you can track your associated signup's progress in Refer-a-friend tab of your Kiwiwallet's account dashboard. To find out more about refer-a-friend please visit


        Is each referral link unique or does each user have a unique link?

        We have a referral system that users can add their details to, but I need more information first.


          The each referral link is unique. Whenever a referral link is sent, there is unique link generated for the nominated email.


      can someone pm me a referral link please?


        They don't have any referral links. But the system does allow for me to send a referral email (from their site).

        Do you want to me your name and email?

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