Best desktop for $1500 or under?

Hi guys,

I was looking for a good desktop for my parents, which would cost me around $1500.
Anyone got suggestions on a good one. Right now I'm looking at the HP pavilions at Harvey Norman.

Thanks all



    Depending on skill level can you build? otherwise look at PB Tech at their self built machines.


    What is it being used for? if its just web browsing/mailing/microsoft office use then 1500 is overkill.

    Stay away from the Harvey normans etc,

    Stick to companies that build it for you based on preference,, are probably the best around in NZ, can't go wrong with them for customer service as well for any issues.


    Build you own, if you can

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    "$1500 desktop for my parents"
    You are like… computer lounge's number one customer.

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    1151 Mobo - $115 - check pricespy
    8gb ddr4 - $120 - newegg?
    Case - $80 - Anywhere
    hdd 120ssd - $100 - Anywhere
    pentium g4560 - $80 - aliexpress
    24" Monitor - $200 - pbtech?

    total $700-800 good enough for a 'parents' computer, am i right?

    even cheaper option would be to grab a refurbed i5 from pbtech when they are on special and throw in a ssd, ram if needed.

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      Even something like this would be fine.

      OP hasn't clarified what exactly the PC is for though, might be for some gaming too.

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    Save yourself $1000 and buy something like this. and buy a new $180 monitor and $50 keyboard + mouse set.

    The Optiplex will do youtube, Microsoft Office, browsing etc no sweat.

    I have deployed many of these machines and have had no issues, including very dusty/dirty environments such as CNC machines, warehouses.


    If you can build - PB Tech is about to have a sale 28th-30th) on parts, so a cheap time to put together a computer.


    recommend pbtech / playtech / computer lounge.