How Much Is Your Electricity Bill and How Many of You at Home?

Been reading this Post about Australian Electricity Prices and wondered what the cost is like in NZ, thinking of moving too Christchurch.



    I'm with Flick, can't remember my exact bill but they charge the variable spot price so it's different at different times of day. Did a heap of research once and found they're by far the cheapest.

    I'd advise trying a comparison site to find out how much power will cost for you

  • I have found are the cheapest and a free hour of power.

    I looked into meridian energy with the $200 account credit for 12 month term but it was going to work out cheaper for me staying with electric kiwi.

    I think they do a $50 referral for both parties so find someone already ready using them for this or PM me maybe.

    check them out they guarantee you will save in the first year.

    "By joining Electric Kiwi we'll track your savings and guarantee you'll save in your first year. How? Share a recent bill from your old power company so we can track your savings - if you don't get around to it or don't have one, we'll use recent prices from the biggest power company in your area. If in the unlikely event you haven't saved at the end of the year, Electric Kiwi will credit your account with the difference between what you paid and what you would have paid with your old power company."

    They do have a credit card surcharge.


    Meridian for AKL they has special plans you can get on by contacting them or using a power switch website.


    My bill is with PULSE and it is 17.2 cents per kw/unit + Gst, plus 30.6 cents per day + Gst. I live in Dunedin.I think that you should check out the kw/unit by internet or ringing companies first. I know that my rate is among the best available nationwide!Any one beat that..?


      That sounds very cheap.

      Usage cost: $0.23 + GST per kWh
      Fixed cost of: $0.30 + GST per day

      rates vary depending on your location.


      I think that's about average for me, can sometimes get down to 13.something +GST and >$1 a day. on flick off peak times.


      Thanks, if I can get that pricing it'll be cheaper than Electric Kiwi, even with the free hour of power (which we make good use of).


      I took this offer from a door-to-door salesperson who also gave me Price Promise for two years.Plus I got $150 for changing from my previous company to 'switch' over to Pulse!!

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    Christchurch dweller
    2 adults and 2 kids, gas hot water
    Electricity bills are $70-90 over summer and $200-250 over winter with two heat pumps running 24/7 and dryer use everyday

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    We have our hot water and stove top on gas with energy online and electricity with flick, we range from $12-$20 a week with electricity on flick depending on season,there app is good to see when power is cheap to use dishwasher, baking in oven and washing. We do have a fire though so don't use heaters much. They direct credit out of your account each week which I like.This is for 2 adults and 2 kids.

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    Here's the biggest tip to save on your power bill:

    Call up your a few providers that you are not with and ask for their best rate (they will usually easily beat the rate you are on - I was with Mercury with ~167c daily + 19c/kwh + gst)

    Pulse offered 157c daily + 17.8c/kwh.

    Then I rang Mercury and they said they would beat that - offering 151c daily + 16c/kwh

    Pulse then offered $150 credit and 157c daily + 16.35c/kwh (but had to stay with them for 12 months)

    I was about to sign up with Pulse, when Mercury offered me a similar credit and very slight better rates, so in the end I didn't even bother switching companies - just had to make a few calls. :)

    The rates mentioned above will differ on location and what type of user (I'm standard user with 6 people in the house in Wellington) but the formula to save money is the same.

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    Hi all
    Here are my findings according to my last bill. (Tauranga). I compared my usage on power​switch and they recommend me to join flick or electrickiwi.

    I am with energy online and my bill after prompt payment discount was $113.32

    If I had on with flick it would have $87.4

    If with electric kiwi it would have $111.26 (could have been low with their one free hour)

    I couldn't find any other cheaper provider. If you guys know please let me know.

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      I'm not sure how they calculated Flick as it really depends on what time of day and what demand was like on the wholesale market. Flick is likely to be the cheapest if you are very good at managing usage and keeping an eye on what the current rates are.

      I currently use Electric Kiwi as we have everything timed for our free hour of power (Dishwasher, Dryer, heaters, etc.) which usually equates to about 20% of our total usage being free.

      As stated above, if you have the patience, you can call around and see who will undercut who and provide the overall best rates.

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        I call pulse and Mercury and they couldn't beat flick. I will call tomorrow to see if my current provider energy online can beat them.

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    Interesting, after seeing this thread I went to 4 retailers (Currently with Flick)

    • Nova
    • Electric Kiwi
    • Pulse
    • Genesis

    None could beat flick, electric kiwi flat out told me they couldn't (even thou they GUARANTEE it)


    I am on electric kiwi in auckland. $40 a month for 3 adults and 1 kid. I abuse the hell out of hour of power… around 50-55% of my usage is free.


    Anyone move from powershop to flick? Im with powershop and have been for years but really like flicks transparency model