Electric Kiwi Power Company - looking for referral link


I'm thinking of joining Electric Kiwi (Power) and am looking for someone to provide me with a referral link so I can get the $50 credit. (Please remove if this isn't allowed)


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    No issues with the post, but can whoever provides the link please do so via PM, Email, or post here requesting a PM from Wongtong. Cheers.

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    I have a referral if you still need one, send me a PM if you want it. I can't send you a PM as you're not accepting them.

    Edit: I forgot to say the referral will be from my kids' Playcentre, not me.


    I can't seem to sign up with Electric Kiwi or Energy Club, as they both don't support my address or that I don't have a smart meter (which Electric Kiwi requires).

    Does anyone know what's the process to install / upgrade to a smart meter? I'm asking Electric Kiwi about this as well and just pending their reply.


      If anyone sees this and has the same question - You can either pay to install a smart meter (expensive, probably $750+) or wait until they are upgrading in your area.
      Also since smart meters use a mesh network, not everyone is eligible such as rural areas or areas that do not yet have the density required.

  • Please use the referral system. Thread closed.

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