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 +====== Posting Guidelines on AliExpress Items ======
 +These are the rules for AliExpress postings on ChoiceCheapies.
 +  * Overseas users will not be able to post AliExpress deals.
 +  * Must have a quantity of 10 available.
 +  * Non-reps / regular users are able to post deals only if the seller has a minimum of 95% feedback based on at least 100 in feedback.
 +  * In addition to the above, store reps posting for AliExpress must be a [[https://sale.aliexpress.com/__pc/topbrand.htm|Top Brand]].
 +==== No Posts from Overseas Users ====
 +Most overseas users are representatives of companies. By banning all overseas users, this prevents undeclared reps (and 1 post wonders) from posting AliExpress deals.
 +==== Must Have a Minimum of 10 in Quantity ====
 +An AliExpress listing with very low quantity is not a bargain because it has very limited usefulness to ChoiceCheapies members.