Targeted Offer

Targeted deals are only available to a select group of people and not open to the general public. In general, if there is no possibility of others getting the deal (such as a one-use promo code), moderators will un-publish the deal. However, if a group of people can access the deal, moderators will tag the deals as 'Targeted'. Moderators have discretion to determine if a deal should be tagged as 'targeted' or un-published.

Examples of Targeted Offers

  • Free Coffee at ABC Coffee Shop for selected customers

This offer was only emailed to certain members, some members received an email and others did not.

Examples of Acceptable Deals that may be confused for a Targeted Deal

This offer is available to Supercheap Auto members. While not everyone is a member of Supercheap Auto, membership is available to all.

If you have a question or comment about a targeted deal, please contact a mod via the Talk with a Moderator Forum