User-Submitted Referral Code Updates (Request Referral System Additions)

This is a slightly edited cross post from the same OzBargain thread, the dates and time frames will be wrong, but the purpose is still the same.

This morning we pushed out a new user-submitted referral changes. This is an update to the previous attempt a year and half ago. Problem with the previous one is that it's difficult to add new stores that support referral benefits, and the feature ended up only supporting GreenManGaming and not being used much by our users here. What happened afterwards were wiki pages created for each online shop. Yes it's an interesting use of the wiki pages, but

Not a good idea to let any member to be able to edit everyone's code.
Free-form might not be the most ideal format, and hard to police everyone to edit in the same format.

The list is ordered rather than randomised.

What we have done now is having a single place for you to put in all your referral codes. Go to your Settings page and click on the referrals tab. You should be presented with a list of "stores" that we currently have referral support.

See full updated list.

New ones should be easily added as well if the method of referral is via a referral link (i.e. unique URL per referrer). Feel free to submit new ones in the comments. I need

  • The URL format for the referral link
  • Instructions to get the referral link
  • Benefit for the referrers and referees.
  • Another reminder that Affiliate Links and Referral Links are different and we do not allow affiliate links here on OzBargain.

Once a referral system has been set up for that domain, for every deal posted to that domain, a grey box will appear below the content and above the Share buttons containing a randomised referral link AND OP's referral link (if OP has submitted one for that domain and the deal has hit the front page vote minimum - updated 9/5/16). The benefits for the referrers and referees are also shown so people know what they (and you) are getting. In this case including your own referral link and link to wiki becomes redundant.

Yes this is still in beta and needs improvement. Some potential issues / possible improvements:

Since you do not really need to put referral link in your content, you can submit deals with your link in the referral box without the deal being marked as "referral post". This might lead to abuse of people posting excessive deals from the stores offering referral. I shall look at ways to prevent it. I don't want to mark them as referral post at the moment because previously submitter can pick and choose whether to include his/her referral link. Now it's always included. Your deal must hit the front page vote minimum to show.

A good idea to let people pick and choose? For example some people might not want to use OP's referral link, not a random one either but from a list of friends.

So here it is. Give it a try guys! I will start removing some of the wiki pages later today. Meanwhile, please leave feedback in the comments.

As of today, the system will no longer show OP's referral link in the referral block when the deal reaches the front page, but the OP's link will have a higher chance of being picked from the random pool. See updated help page.


Request a store to add to the referral system. Let us know if it's a code/link etc. We also need to know what the referrer and referee gets. Thanks.

If your comment is automatically unpublished due to the referral link, do not worry, moderators can still see it and will republish it before replying.


      • Confirmed working now, thanks.

  • H can you add this one for me please
    Okcoin cryptocurrency exchange signup bonus $50US BTC for $100US purchase of any cryptocurrency

    • What does the referrer get?

      • Hi Neil
        the referrer gets $50 in BTC as well

        • Okcoin has been added.

  • Z electric Power

    You get 50L of fuel sign up + 25L fuel for using referral link and 5L of fuel for everyone 100$ spent on power, no lock in contracts

    Can you please add my link thank you

    • What does the referrer get?

      • 50L for referrer and 50L+ extra 25L for the new customer using the link

        • Z has been added.

  • Hi,

    I believe that HumbleBundle have changed their referral link format.

    It is now:{RandomString}

    I got around it on CC by copying the format in place, and adding my random string, but there is probably a risk that, while I can add it here, it won't actually work anymore.



  • Hi.
    I think the wise (transfer wise) referral system links have changed. My link is and won't accept it in the cheapies system. The ua seems to be the problem. Can this be updated please. Thank you.

    • Interesting - I just checked mine and it is:{Code}

      Might have to allow for both formats.


      • Mine is{code}
        But changing ath to u results in the same destination.

    • That's been updated.

      There is i or u or asd or a or ata or ath or ua. Let's see which ones they add next.

      • My code is an invite/ih/…
        Would you please be able to add the ih to the verification?

        • Sorry, updated back in January. Wise now takes any combination.

  • Hi Mods, could you please add Nexo (crypto bank) to the referral system.

    Referral details:
    Until 31/12/2021, referrer and referee get US$25 (normally US$10) in Bitcoin when referee deposits US$100 and holds for 30 days.

    Link with referral details:

    Referral link format:{code}

    Thank you!

    • Edit: Once the referral link is added, I will immediately add a deal post on this.

    • Nexo has been added.

  • Bitstamp:{code}/

    How to get referral link:
    Log in, click on account icon, click on Referral, referral link shown.

    Benefit for the referrers and referees:
    Both referrer and referee will get a USD20 cash bonus when someone makes a trade of USD100 or more

    • Bitstamp has been added.

  • Energy Online has rebanded to Frank Energy.

    Referal code links now look like:

  • +1

    sharesies referral code link has changed


  • Moderator, can you set up Z electric please,
    I have a referral code that offers 75L free fuel for the referee on join up. thank you.

    • Z added above.

  • Happy to make a posting once the referral codes are all set up to discuss the pro and cons of the offer
    thank you.
    my referral code is here.

    • referee gets 75 of fuel (including premium 95) after 2 weeks of sign up, referrer gets 50 L of fuel.
      no lock in contract.

  • Hi, can you please add Abra crypto wallet?

    This is a referral system (
    referral link structure is
    [XXXXXXXX] for the personal referral code (I have copied mine above) , the link takes you to a QR code to then download the app.
    "For every friend who uses your link to download Abra, signs up for a new account and funds it, you'll both get $25 in CPRX."
    Also, there is currently a signup bonus "Get $15 when you add $1"
    All of the above requires verification of identity.


    • Abra added.

  • Hi, can you please add Wirex

    URL format for the referral link:
    I assume the part after “/r/“ is the unique referral string

    Instructions to get the referral link:
    - Available on here

    Benefit for the referrers and referees.
    - When referee buys $100 worth of crypto, both referrer and referee get 5 USD paid in WXT.
    - When referee orders a contactless Wirex card and makes the first in-store purchase, both referrer and referee get 5 USD paid in WXT.


    • Wirex added.

  • Can Game Kings be added? They offer both Referral Link and Coupon Code.

    Option 1: Referral Link during sign up

    The URL format for the referral link:
    Referral code is after /?ref=

    Instructions to get the referral link: or on Game Kings website click Help > Partners & Publishing > Affiliate Program

    Benefit for the referrers and referees: Referrer earns 6% commissions

    Option 2: Coupon Code during checkout

    Anyone can create their own code via "Instructions to get the referral link" above
    It's either a shareable link:
    or enter code NYTHIC entered during checkout

    Benefits using Coupon Code: referee gets 5% discount and referrer earns credit

    • Game Kings has been added. Just the coupon code has been added as the first one appears to be an affiliate system.

  • Hi,

    I believe that the AirBNB referral programme has been cancelled, so might want to remove it from the system.



    • Thanks. Have now disabled it.

  • Hi Mod, could you please update the referral system description for Nexo:

    The US$25 referral bonus is now permanent, so please remove “Until 31/12/2021” in the description.


    • Updated, thanks.

  • Hello , Pirate Nation has $15 off referrals for members to share.

    [Pirate Nation] (

    • Added Pirate Nation.

      I see that referees get $15 off their order. What does the referrer get?

  • The same - $15 off. Effectively free coffee and just pay for postage.

  • I am wondering if Uber has stopped doing referrals?

    If they are, I can't see where to find my code / URL to give to a friend, but maybe I am missing something obvious?



    • Can't find it either. Will switch them off.

      • Thanks.

  • Hi, just wondering if Swyftx can be added to the referral system? They've had it over on Ozbargain for a while now:

    • Swyftx added.

  • Hi

    Can we please get Easycrypto added. I know this was suggested previously and shot down because the referee got nothing out of the deal but the situation has changed now. Yes, the referrer gets 10% of everything easycrypto makes from the referee for their first 12 months. But until 1 May 2022 both referrer and referee ALSO get $7USD each when the referree makes their first crypto purchase and gets verified. Not great, but not bad either.

    See here:

    And my referral link to get things started ;)

    Apologies in advance if this has already been suggested.



  • Is anyone currently with MyRepublic for broadband and would like to share their referrer code / Customer ID?

    • Use the referral system (the point of this thread). MyRepublic

  • Hi, Can we add Nord VPN referral codes?

    Layout as follows : (this is my code) the 11 digits after the / are the individual referral codes. (I do wonder if this will grow as more referral codes are generated?)


  • Would you consider adding My apologies if that category is not allowed.
    They offer referral links for $20 off orders over $35 for both referrer and referee, but has a short expiry date.

    They also provide referral links that give the referee %10 off and the referrer 1000 Vapo points (can be exchanged for $10 off coupon) and doesn't seem to expire.

    • Store belongs in banned category. (Smoking / eCigs)

  • Hi Neil, would like to put in a request for StickerMule.{referral code}

    $10 to each person.

  • Zenni Optical are now doing referrals $5 for each party

    Code looks like

  • Can we please add DoorDash referrals? They've just launched and have a good program ($30 if someone uses your code and spends $20 or more) and the person using the code gets $15 off their first 3 deliveries (so $45 in total)

  • Merged from Banggood referral code format wrong

    The referral format is

    The cheapies website expects a different format. I wonder if it's changed.

    • If you want to achieve something, it might be better to post this in the referral thread.

      On the other hand, if it gets fixed from a post here, then that is signal too of course :-)

      • Good to know

    • Banggood updated

  • Can we add Ozone Coffee Please?

    Referrer gets $15 Ozone coffee credit this long weekend, $10 normally.

    Referee 20 percent off


  • +1

    Is it possible to add Dosh referral? (referrer gets $5)

    Referral is by a unique code generated in dosh app rather than a link however.

    • Dosh added.

  • please

  • Ethique
    Format is{referral_code}

    Referer gets 100 points (worth $10), and the referee gets 20% off their first purchase when they use the link/code.


    Referer gets 100 points (worth 5% off), referee gets 10% off their first purchase when they use the link.

    Referral Link format:


    Referrer gets 100 points (worth 5% off their next purchase), and the referee gets 10% off their first purchase when they use referral link.

    • paintballshop have just advised me that the "referee gets 10%" benefit is now removed from their website.

  • Humble and Mercury have updated their referral URLs:

    • Mercury now shows{code}. This goes to an entirely different sign-up flow, which actually shows the referee all plans/terms, rather than just the casual rates. It's unclear to meif the referee still gets $50 credit via either link (it doesn't show in the price check stage of sign-up in either flow), or whether the m_copc=FGF50 bit in the URL matters.
    • Humble is now{code}. Old links should work as they redirect to the new page, we just can't copy+paste the new URLs from Humble into Cheapies without modification.
    • I've turned off Mercury as the referral system seems unclear at the moment.

      Humble Bundle updated.

      • Could Mercury be added again please? The link format is the same as above.

        The referral reward is now 3000 points for the referer. 3000 points is worth two "free power days", or $12 credit on next bill.

        It looks like the referee just gets offers that are the same as the standard offers from the Mercury retail site (currently $100 or $250 signup bonus depending on term).

        To get the referral link in the Mercury app go:
        Rewards, Ways to Earn, Friend Get Friend, Share Your Link.

        • Added.

  • +1

    Hello Fresh seems to now have a two-tier referal system: some codes only give $50 off the first box (referer gets $50 credit), some give $130 (referer gets $25 credit).

    If the refereral code starts with FIH it's $130 off, if it starts with HS then only $50 off.

    Mod could you please edit the referal system so that people know where to look for the $130 off codes instead of having to click through so many before arriving at a $130 off code? Thanks.

    • Split Hello Fresh into 2 referrals as per above, expired all the FIH links in the $50 system and notified users.

      • Could you please note that for the FIH codes referers only get $25 (not $50). Thanks.

      • Great work doing this, mod!

  • To the moderators, there is a referral deal for Afterpay.

    first order of $50 or more, then referee gets $30 and referrers gets $30 off their next order off $50 purchase.
    I can post this as a deal if needed.

    • Is there a link or code?

      • needs both a link

        and a code


        I can post more details if that is helpful on conditions etc.. and how to make most of the deal.

        Shop now and pay later in 4 interest-free payments. Try Afterpay using my code WINGC-V1NR7 and you’ll get $30 off your first purchase. Minimum purchase of $50. Terms apply.

        • OK, it seems identical to Afterpay AU. Have added Afterpay

  • Hi,

    JoyLab has killed their referral programme (at least for now).



    • Thanks. Have turned off JoyLab

  • Hi Moderator,

    Is it possible to add referral code for Contact Energy please? Thank you.

    • That's interesting - Contact Energy used to be in there.

      • Yeah it was there a couple of week ago. I was looking into moving to Contact's goodnight plan and was looking for a sign up bonus/referral.

        I don't believe Contact are letting people generate referral codes anymore. The link doesn't work.

        From what I understand though, if you still know your referral link then it still works.

        • I have PMd you a code - no idea if it is still valid (it was as of 18 Mar 2022), or what either one of us gets if you use it.

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