Any iPhone 15 Pro Max Deals?

I'm considering buying the iPhone 15 Pro Max and wondering if there are any actual deals out there.

Some carriers will offer ~$1,000 off but then tie you into a plan for $60+ month for 36 months.

I currently pay $25 / month for my cell phone plan so I think I'm better off just buying straight through Apple but wanted to post here first.


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    Short answer: no.

    long answer:

    Had hundreds of customers wanting a 'deal' on iphones when I worked at noels. There's nothing in them, I think a 128/256 12 pro max (whatever the most common was) was still a good chunk < $100 margin on a $2100+ phone. If they're on special it's because apple (or rather, the apple supplier to nz, who i cant think of the name of) is running the promo or a rebate promo, in which case they're the same everywhere.

    Maybe you can get 1% back with a dosh card, op?

    • 1% cash back is probably the best bet I reckon too. Back when I worked at noels there were iphones that were heavily discounted, think they were the demo models? or box damaged/open etc. Try looking into brand new unlocked phones that'll work on any global network, heaps on Amazon and ebay but factor in the duty cost over $1000

      • All of the noels stores I worked at would just put the old demo iphones in a cabinet somewhere until eventually sso or head office or whoever would load margin on them or just lower the price themselves to clear them. (then salespeople would start buying them themselves without calling the stores as to not alert the other salespeople to the pricing… yadda yadda)

        Mind you, I never worked in busy enough stores that we could just whack one up at -$400 to clear it.

  • Short answer no. If you are on a major carrier see if there is an interest free deals usually get a few hundred or freebies.
    PB HN Noels and JB all offer different deals so shop around

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    Still reckon any high value electronics you're better off doing a trip to Aus and grabbing the 10% back through the TRS tourist refund scheme.
    They have a much more aggressive price match / beat policy with their stores.
    iPhone 15 plus was price beat down to $1349 aud and then TRS refund would potentially bring it down to 1227 AUD.

    Recently purchased a mate a 14 pro and a colleague bought a new Lenovo Legion Laptop for miles cheaper than he would've got by doing the same thing than purchasing locally.

    Caveat is that if you run into any issues it might be a pain in getting it sent back - although most larger companies have an Aus/NZ combined support system.
    (Helps if you can find an excuse for an Aus holiday or have family/friends there)

    • Apple is a bit of a pain when it comes to out of region.
      They will do it but you give up any consumer law obligations.
      JB and PB both have shops in Auckland Airport as an alternative to this too

      purchased a new laptop in oz with TRS equivalent here was over 2.5k paid 1.5 in oz after refund

  • has a deal going where if you buy and stake the required amount of their token to get access to their card you can get reimbursed for an Apple store purchase.

    • Don't see NZ in the list they send visa card to?

      • They do send here. You'll likely just get one with either AUD or SGD.

  • I think costco has it for about 50-100 cheaper depending on model, can't be certain you can call them and ask.

  • When is the next price drop likely to be coming, would it be September?

    • depends if they keep them around. Apple aren't super duper consistent

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