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Spend $50/$75/$100/$120, Get $5/$10/$15/$20 off Next $50/$75/$100/$120 Spend @ TWH (MarketClub Members via App)


Not sure if this is targeted.

  • Spend $50, get $5 off next $50 purchase
  • Spend $75, get $10 off next $75 purchase
  • Spend $100, get $15 off next $100 purchase
  • Spend $120, get $20 off next $120 purchase

In-store and in-app only, excludes shipping.

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  • +1

    Targeted. I got $5 off $50. I have adjusted the title accordingly. Thanks for the heads-up.

    Time to pricematch the Sistema containers I've been eyeing up + more Karicare.

    • Same.
      $5 off $50 for me too.

    • Same.
      $5 off $50 for me too.

  • +2

    Just checked my Warehouse app, I got a spend $75, get $10 off!

  • $1 off shipping :(

    • same on selected items, clothing mostly

    • Same here, both my accounts have that $1 off shipping and have for several months. I've missed out on the last 2 lots of targeted offers

    • Same with me… I haven't had a $5 off in well over a year?

  • I got $5 off $50, partner got the same

  • +2

    Does new title make sense?

    • Yep. So basically spend $100 and get $5 off lol (for us at least)

  • '#neverlucky

  • I'm already finding it hard to spend $50 @ TWH, and now I need to spend the next $50 to get that $5 off…haha

    • +1

      Agreed it's not that enticing at all really

    • +2

      Bit fortunate in that I already had $50 worth of stuff I planned on getting this week anyway.

      Karicare 2 - price-matched with PNS, Petone ($13.99)
      Sistema Bake It 2.4L price-matched with PNS, Royal Oak ($6.99)

  • +1

    After meeting the required spending amount, the voucher then says

    Voucher unlocked! Spend $50, get $5 off

    Doesn't work on gift cards.

    • Cool. Does that voucher have an expiry date?

      • Same date listed by OP. June 14.

  • +2

    I got $20 off $120 after spending $120 for mine

  • Wait so, I have to spend $75, then they will give me a voucher that gives me $10 off my next spend over $75?

    Thats kind of a weird way of doing it.

  • Anyone know if these vouchers are single use or multi use?

    • Usually single use but I haven’t checked.

  • Got spend $120 and get $20 off your next spend of $120+

    Kinda lame means have to spend $240 to get $20 off.
    So not worth it

    • +3

      Bound to get downvoted… But purchase items, then repurchase and return the first lot..

  • I've got to $50 in my cart but can't see any voucher options (on the app homescreen it shows the $5 off $50), is it supposed to show here or just on my next $50+ spree?

    • On your next purchase.

      1. Spend $50
      2. Voucher now available
      3. Next order of $50 or more will receive a $5 discount
  • Just noticed this. Tararua Butter which started at $4.00 then $5.00 is now $8.00 at The Warehouse.

    Hopefully the 500g $5.00 The Market Butter (mentioned by Wakrak) will be just as good

    • that didnt last long, they need to have more sale to get consumers to go out of their way.
      The eggs are a good deal but its a hassle if not in stock or near expiry.
      coundtown and paknsave have had butter for under $5 recently so it was easier to just buy several

      new butter range.

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