50 Custom 254mm × 330mm Poly Mailers for A$13/US$9 (NZ$13.78~$14.34 Approx. Delivered) @ StickerMule


Even without the custom designing, seems like a somewhat decent price for 50 mail bags. In saying that, this is not my field of expertise.

Something similar from Warehouse Stationery is $7 for 20. I haven't put much effort into looking for cheaper prices elsewhere.


  • Get your poly mailers fast with 4 day turnaround and free shipping.
  • Eco-friendly & recyclable - Our mailers are made from a recyclable, low-density polypropylene material.
  • Full bleed printing - Our poly mailers are printed in full color and in full bleed at no additional cost.

USD pricing
AUD pricing

Sidenote: a comment over on OzBargain recommends reading this reddit post touching on StickerMule and intellectual property (especially if you're a business).

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  • Wow, these are cool!! Now to think of a way I could possibly make use of them.

    • +5

      Make up a fake sex toy business , specializing in bizarre fetishes, get these bags printed and send them to your mates. Even better if they live with their parents or have flatmates.

      Or just get the bags printed and sell them as novelty gags.

      • Very entrepreneurial.

  • Not really sure what I would use these for but looks pretty cool!

  • This would be good for customized goody/loot bags for kids birthdays.

  • I love how much stuff these Sticker Mule guys can produce. Just wish i could have some cool applications for them!

  • Great for online business :)

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