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Dyson V7 Advanced Origin Stick Vacuum Cleaner $375 + $7 North Island Shipping @ Bunnings


Now that's a Dyson deal I can get behind.

Might not be the latest and greatest but I suspect strongly that it is the cheapest it's been.

Puts The Warehouse at $449.00 to shame.

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    $365.63 with my Bunnings Powerpass.

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    Bunnings was actually selling this for $400+

    JB HiFi reduced to $398 a week back.

    Which meant, if price beating with Bunnings it would have been $398-15% = $338

    I saw it, and was about to do it next morning (payday), nek minit Bunnings dropped its price to minimize the margin loss.

    • Interesting. I wonder why Bunnings wouldn’t have just dropped their price to $397 in that case…

  • Will Noel’s or anywhere else price match against bunnings?

    • It doesn't look like anyone else sells it apart from JB. You could try getting them to match it, as it isn't far from their own price

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    Probably because V7 is EOL,

    its not on Dyson's main page

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    Word of warning… Being an old model, I'll bet when the battery goes on this in a 3-4 years time you'll struggle to find an original battery replacement from Dyson (they'll be happy to give you 30% off their new model though!!! LOL). The third party ones are totally crap too. Speaking from experience.

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      This seems like a good opportunity for me to recommend my mate Keith who runs https://mendit.co.nz/ specialising in Dyson repairs. He can repair battery packs too.

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      i found it was best to get the battery adapter and use my power drill so then i can just use all those batteries

      • Now, that I can get behind! Awesome!

        • I have alot of black an decker Batteries so i had to AliExpress the adapter,
          A seller on tm selling the other brands.
          I think milwaukee 12ah is the biggest you can get, that battery is 500$ alone.

          • @coffeee: My husband has a couple of milwaukee batteries, it would be great to find an adaptor that works with them. I'll look into that. Thanks!

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    • I've heard that you can just call them and tell them your battery is no longer performing the same as it was when you bought it and they send you another one, no questions asked - Can anyone with a Dyson confirm?

      If that's true, just call them in 3 months time and get your next battery for when this one dies.

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      We bought the V6 in 2019 after it had been discontinued and were able to get a replacement battery a couple of years later from Dyson. I see on their website they are still selling replacement batteries for the V6.
      I don't imagine it would be hard to get replacement batteries for the V7 in a few years time.

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        Yeah, they still sell V6 batteries ($110.00) probably because they are useless, last 2 to 4 years depending on your luck. My vacuum now has a 6-amp deWalt battery. 15 (18650) batteries compare to 6 on the standard Dyson.

  • Is it any good for pet hair? I have 2 labradors. My current V8 animal works well but don't know much about V7. Just started using a V8 to ryobi adaptor. Has been working well.

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