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91: $1.987, 98: $2.187 Diesel: $1.457 @ Gull Whenuapai, Auckland


I'm sorry, but that has to be the cheapest price in Auckland since…

I'm not sure when…

Yes, it is part of Gulls 15cpl Day, but that's cheaper in Auckland by a bit, compared to the rest of New Zealand INCLUDING the 10cpl Regional Fuel Tax.

There must be crazy margins in fuel currently.

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  • Going to be a glorioua day if my local Mobil matches the Gull price.

    • Is glorioua even better than glorious? 😜

      • +2

        Making up Māorglish words lol

    • Ohhh is there a price match for fuel???
      I have to use 98 on my car, but I don’t wanna use Gull’s 98… it would be great a price match at Mobil.

      • Curious - why not?

        • Because it’s not pure 98. It has 10% ethanol.

          • @Neotk: So?

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              @Jexla: You are legally allowed up to 10% E10 in nz which is what Gull tops out at.
              It will be about 3% less efficient, and for older engines may create some issues over time since there werent designed with ethanol in mind.

      • Sometimes Mobil Te Rapa (Hamilton) matches. Which is good because then I can use my $0.16 Farmsource discount.

      • Probably because it contains 10% ethanol which is less energy dense (so approx 6% less mileage than equivalent non E10 fuel) and generally causes issues with fuel systems over the long term due to its hydroscopic nature and tendancy to break down into gum.

        • E10 is about 3% less energy dense.

          • @scott: Yep, that's the energy density part of the equation (although closer to 3.4% for E10 as ethanol is 34% less energy dense per volume than petrol), but most modern cars are pretty sensitive to fueling as they are generally high performance turbocharged engines which operate at higher compression. Ethanol has a faster burn speed and a cooler flame temperature than petrol, this means the peak pressure occurs earlier in the combustion cycle, which can affect engine timing, and the lower burn temp results in less complete combustion. Ethanol also contains oxygen which is released during combustion, this can alter oxygen readings from O2 exhaust sensors and cause the engine to run richer. These extra factors on top of the lower energy density lead to real world mileage usually being around 6% less.

      • In the context of petrol prices, some stations drop their prices to be the same as adjacent stations, Rather than doing like say miter 10, and having people come in and say, this is cheaper at your competitor.

        Sadly unlikely other brands offering non ethanol fuel will match 98RON price with that of Gull force 10, given the latter has 3% lower energy content.

        • If you're saving more than 3% just get the Gull imo.

          • @Jexla: Yip. (Assuming your application is compatible with E10. Some older cars are not, and E10 is often avoided for the likes of marine applications as it's hygroscopic nature adds some contamination risk)

            The reason the uses here are keen for other brands to match prices, is that it is fairly easy to get discount cars for other brands (i.e. 16c/L off mobile with the farmsource supercard), meaning they can stack discounts.

            Also note that only Gulls 98 product has ethanol. Their 91 and 95 (rare), is just normal fuel.

            • @scott: In fact you're only losing 3% of the 10%. So even less reason not to.

              • @Jexla: It's approximately 3.3% of the total.

                Pure ethanol has about 67% of the energy content of pure gasoline by weight.

                • @scott: Ah right, gotcha! Thanks for the info!

                  • @Jexla: Can't edit my post. Pure ethanol has approx 67% of the energy content of pure petrol by volume, not weight.

  • I'm hoping Costco and/or Pak n Save Westgate match it. They often do.

    • Just checked Gaspy. 91 is the same price as Gull - $1.987, Diesel $1.457. 98 Seems to be only Gull?

    • pak n sav has

  • +3

    PakNSave Westgate matched it on its normal price. Using the 10c off per litre voucher comes down to $1.887

    • :O

    • Came here to say the same thing (didn't go myself since tank is already nearly full and most of the time Henderson Valley with Gull coupons is cheaper).

  • Crazy prize will never be seen again in a generation lol

    • Hopefully the tumbling fuel prices is not a sign of the tumbling economy

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        Also just a price war to get you to fill up before they reintroduce that fuel tax again soon.

      • +1

        World economy maybe. Realistically NZ's economy has very little impact on fuel prices even in NZ since they're basically set by the international price and we're way too small to have any effect on that. Okay our currency strength does affect our prices but it's actually the opposite. When our economy is strong, our currency is also likely to be strong which means prices are lower. (Although arguably our currency isn't that strong at the moment anyway.) I guess you could argue the excise tax is also somewhat related to our economy although only in a very indirection fashion. (Our economy is strongly affected by the world economy too of course.)

    • thats same for me, but which z is cheaper than that?

      • Ignore my comment. Thought this was a Z deal.

        • i see, i was hoping z would match it.

          • @coffeee: Z Pukekohe has been aggressive lately. Head south slightly to grab their price.

            • @The Hound: What price can you see at Z Pukekohe? are they matching price with PaknSave?

  • +1

    Can always go to the opposite side of Auckland for 91 - $1.93 at Pak n' Save Pukekohe…😂

  • Too bad :( I bought from the sharetank deal posted yesterday

    • I personally don't use a lot of petrol, never find sharetank attractive, fuel prices are too volatile, it's risky.

      • +1

        Agree with this, apart from when it's stupid cheap. An example is when I bought 300L of Diesel for $0.99 in Te Kuiti during covid times. Was a great feeling redeeming it for 2.94 at Z Silverdale a year or so later…I still regret not buying more at the time.

        • Yep agree with that! Great for when you’re travelling out of town. I always use sharetank when I’m in northland where prices are always higher

  • Any sharetank good prices because of this?

    • $2.14 showing up in Sharetank for me(Flatbush)

  • What a little beauty ! . It's definately a very rare fuel prices price war broken out in Auckland particularly and elsewhere too !. I could be wrong but is the (11.43am now) Gaspy Costco Westgate 91 petrol pump price at just now just $1.89 !, the cheapest price in the whole of NZ at the moment ??. 😊. Noticing too thou my Z Sharetank price still showing unchanged from yesterday at $2.189 at Z Massey North…😏

    • Assume Costco is trying to match Pak'n'Save Westgate which is the same price after their 10c with a voucher

      • Gaspy reporting 91 at $1.877 and I just got a text from a friend asking if I needed petrol. 😂

  • Is there a way to see the national cheapest fuel price?

    • You can probably set distance in Gaspy to 100km (IIRC maximum distance) and then fake you GPS location to convince them to show you prices in different areas and record the prices. Will take quite a few times though.

    • Check Cheapies community for lowest gas prices. Then use Location Search in Gaspy (type in suburb) to confirm.

    • +1
      • Nice. Seems Costco is cheapest in NZ

  • +1

    Costco matched the price down to $1.87 (#91). What a great price.

    • Its interesting what competition can do, too bad we dont do this with food.

  • Woolston Christchurch often has the cheapest price in the South Island on Gull days and it's 204.6 at NPD, 218.7 for 95 at Gull so for once Auckland is cheaper despite the regional tax difference!

  • Just filled up at Costco @$1.877 for 91.

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