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Get $23 Credit for $13 @ Onceit


Please note this voucher is valid for 3 months from the time of the code emailed to you and added to your account.

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$20 credit for the referrer when referee makes a $60+ purchase.

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  • They're still trying to flog the free shipping voucher too.

  • Can the credit be counted towards shipping cost? E.g. if I want to buy something $40, shipping $5, if I have a $20 voucher and a $23 voucher will I need to pay $5 extra or just $2?

    • No. Shipping is excluded.

      • Thanks. In the example above will I be given change by way of a $3 voucher or will it be forfeited?

        • +1

          Vouchers = store credit

          $43 store credit
          $40 item = $0 + shipping / $3 remaining on your account

  • +1

    Thankyou 😊

  • I cashed in all my credit on a Blunt umbrella during the sale last week, so I guess it's time to start over

    • Is it really the case that the vouchers have to be used within 3 months?

      • +1

        My last 3 I added to my account, had a 6month expiry when I loaded the code. I was expecting them to be 3 months though, so not sure.

  • does anyone from north island have returned something to Onceit?

    I couldn't find the address 10-12 Rothwell Avenue, Albany

    • Don't you just use the online return process?

      • yep I did that, but I couldn't find the Onceit returns place lol

        • You have to send it to them

  • First time buyer of these type of credit deals. Bought Sunday, confirmation email said allow for 2 business days for code.

    Aren't we supposed to have received it by now?

    • +1

      Got mine a day or two ago.

      • Thanks for the confirmation Wakrak. I had feared this would happen. They certainly didn't have trouble sending me emails on new deals though…

        • +1

          I had this once in the past.
          They were pretty quick to repond when I got in contact though so I suggest you send them a message through the contact page.

          • @bigcheese: Just got my voucher now after messaging them a couple hours ago! Will know what to do in the future if it happens again.

            Thanks for the help mate!

    • Normally within 24-48 hours. I havent received mine either. We will need to chase it up.

      • +1

        I just got mine. Decently fast response, hope you get yours soon! Message them through the specific order on the website is the way to go.

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