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$20 off (No Minimum Spend); $10 off Every $100 Spent @ Torpedo7 (Members Only, Exclusions Apply, One Use Per Account)


Found these in my emails recently.

Not sure if targeted, the $10 off every $100 (AKL10) expires 25/04, the $20 (NIGHTRIDING) should expire in a couple of weeks.

Doesn't stack with other codes e.g. synergy and student codes. Need to be logged in to Torpedo7 account. One use per account.

Could be used with the free shipping on small items deal.

Excludes hire and workshop services, gift cards and freight.

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  • +1

    Sweet thanks. Got a free hat delivered

    • Joined you on that. Cheers for highlighting!

  • Lol works

  • Got some no show socks for free. Thanks for sharing!

  • shows pending.. are they going to ship it out? lol

  • @dealhunter mentioned this in a thread of a different post before making its own post there.
    I jumped on it straight away and placed an order around 1.45pm which has already been shipped out.

    If the code gets abused there's always the chance they will turn it off, but for now there are definitely orders being fulfilled

  • Works for new accounts as well as existing, tested on one new one but not wanting to abuse to the point of breaking.

    Same phone number, same address, no payment method entered.

    • +1

      i get this when i try to complete purchase: Sorry Credit or Debit Card is not available. Please refresh and try again or choose another payment method.

      • Yep same haha

      • +1

        Same, and when I try again it says can only use the code once

        Update: actually, seems my order went through

      • Same, but I then received an order confirmation email? I had this sitting in my cart for a good 20 mins already so that may affect things.

        • Same as me.
          I tested it out when the comment was made of the code a few hours ago but got the message 'credit or debit card not available'.
          Presuming this was because my order was below $20 (even though it said no minimum), I left it with the intention to go back and add something small to tip me over $20.

          I never completed the process but did receive an order confirmation half an hour later.
          Will see what happens.

  • Doesnt work

  • Nice find. Got some thermal wool socks discounted from $40 down to $23 with code $3 and free delivery. Stoked. Thank you

    • Damn, sold out now!

    • Just got online now, panicked and ordered socks too! Two pair for $25 dow. To $5 Inc. shipping

  • +1

    Thanks OP, ordered a jnr camp chair ($19.99) for my boy. Zero cost and free delivery. Epic

  • Thanks cheapies, hopefully got myself a free drink bottle

  • Thanks DealHunter - Worth a try :-)

  • Superb find, well done and thx for sharing

  • Thanks, bought a long sleeve for $0 shipped :)

  • Thanks OP. My order just shipped!

  • awesome. Was just looking for some boxing wraps!

  • Awesome post thank you! I got a tshirt for $2

  • Cheers OP! Got the Mother’s Day gift sorted

  • Tried my luck on a beanie

  • +1

    last month was Samsung to load up on electronics. this month it's time to head back outdoors with Torpedo 7 sponsoring

  • Some good deals on Icebreaker. Microsoft Edge actually fills in this coupon automatically for me.

  • Well the Warehouse group have gone through so many of these in the past with 1-day and The Market. Any chance they're gonna cancel these orders?

    • warehouse group tends to cancel orders

    • +3

      My order already shipped and have a tracking number

      • same here

  • Coupon doesn't exist. Looks like it's expired

    • Yeap expired now. got my boy some togs just hope they fulfill the order, I wasn't greedy this time round :-)

  • Oh damint, missed it!

  • Got a slam ball before this got cheapied. Thanks, OP.

  • Hope they honour this and ship out the items. Has anyone got a message saying there item has been shipped ?

    • +1

      My daughter did a click and collect which she picked up this morning.
      I did an order using free shipping and it is still being processed.

      My order was under $20 (ie free) and hers was just over $20 so maybe that has something to do with it.

      • Just received one of my orders that was under $20. Other one looks like it was definitely cancelled. A free beanie that has a price on the label saying $49 isn't too bad!

    • +1

      Got 1 order being shipped. Placed 3 orders.

    • 2 of mine have got the shipping notification so far.

      • were those 2 under $20?

        • Yes. Shipped one was around $18

        • one was ($18) and the other wasn't ($21).

        • Mine was under $20 and has shipped out

  • Trust me to choose an item that was barely in-stock. Just got refunded.

  • Pickup order: cancelled
    Shipping order: "being sent"

  • Both my orders just got cancelled , both orders were above $20 value too

  • +1

    Just got a cancellation email saying I'll be refunded - I picked up on Saturday. Paid $15 after the voucher, will be interesting to see if they refund this.

  • I only did one order that just got cancelled, from my account that is about 10 years old and used regularly, email says ‘Our monitoring of this promotion has shown that your order/orders are under newly created accounts and/or are outside of our promotional and Club member terms and therefore these orders have all been cancelled’

    • +1

      Same for me. I've been a member for a number of years and only did one order this time.

  • Cancelled. Mine was a $65 full price item, it'll probably be on sale for less next week anyhow

  • Mine cancelled cited as "Unfortunately, we were unable to fulfil your online order due to the order being outside of both our promotional and Club member terms."

    Order was above $20 and not a new account.

  • Mine got cancelled, it was a new account though, and it is apparently for existing members who were sent the code. The discount would have taken it to about 50% off.
    My father also did an order and his hasn't been cancelled, but he initially entered the wrong email address., and changed it later in his account. So maybe they sent the email to the old email address.

  • Cancelled here too, order over $20.

  • Cancelled. Under $20.
    Should have done the click & collect like my daughter did!

    • Yeah i did two orders. Received a email yesterday saying one has been sent with a tracking number and it shows it was collected by the courier already. Just got a email an hour ago for both my orders saying they are both cancelled. I wonder if the order that was already sent will actually be delivered or recalled back to them.

  • Order cancelled too, pair of stocks under $20

  • cancelled but sent, who knows. Doubt it will be recalled

  • I got the order cancellation email - but my order is ready to pick up yesterday (yet to pick it up tho). Anyone has pick them up with any issues after the email?

    • I have picked my order already but even I got the email. Not sure if they are going to refund it :)

  • Dear *********

    Thank you for ordering products under a Club membership through our website.

    Unfortunately, we were unable to fulfil your online order due to the order being outside of both our promotional and Club member terms.

    Our promotional terms allowed a code to be used exclusively by the Club member who was sent the code for one transaction only, either instore or online. Our monitoring of this promotion has shown that your order/orders are under newly created accounts and/or are outside of our promotional and Club member terms and therefore these orders have all been cancelled.

    Our standard website terms of use state that we reserve the right to cancel orders and refund payments to customers where there is a security or website issue. Additionally, Club member terms also allow us to alter or amend any benefits or offered discounts of the Club at any time, as well as cancel memberships at our absolute discretion.

    If you have paid any money for your order we will be refunding any amounts paid back to you via the method which you may have paid for this order. Any credit will take 3 – 5 business days to show in your account or on your credit card.

    We apologise for any inconvenience caused by this.

    Kind regards

    Torpedo7 Customer Care | www.torpedo7.co.nz

  • Cancelled email received

  • shipped at 11 am, cancelled at 6 pm with the same email as others. 1 order on an existing account

    • 2/3 items arrived. I think the 3rd really was cancelled. I only paid 50c, so I can't complain. No refund though - hopefully those that paid a more substantial amount get refunded

  • Order cancelled like everyone else.
    Not new account, just under $20.

    • +1

      So they did actually send me the goods.
      Arrived yesterday.

  • Order cancelled.

  • +1

    Had 4 of 5 parcels just show up. 3 of them had shipping notifications and tracked shipping. 4 of them got cancelation emails. They were all additionally refunded… lol.

    The weirdest thing was with 2 of them, one was over $20, order was confirmed, and canceled, but never shipped/assigned tracking number.

    The other one was under $20, no confirmation email, cancelation email, or shipping details at all, but arrived this morning. Didn't expect that one at all tbh.

    Of course the one package I actually wanted out of them didn't show ahah

    • +1

      Wow weird, you in the north island? I got only one cancellation waiting on the other 2, still shows as order being sent. I'm in Chch so hoping over the next few days something comes up. On you order page was it showing as order being sent?

      • Chch too. All say "order being sent" still on Torpedo7 when logged in (diff accounts for each order), both the already delivered ones and the one that never got a tracking number and never got delivered

  • So out of 4 orders 2 arrived. Both were under $20. There is one order above $20 which I paid for but currently in 'Order being sent' status. I did receive cancellation emails for all orders, so no idea what's going on.

    Anyone with 'Order being sent' received any orders? Not sure what to do with the order where I paid for. Haven't received the money back in account yet.

  • I made 2 orders. They cancelled both and refunded the $ I paid over $20, but I’ve just collected them from the post office.

  • My order got refunded, but my fathers order got delivered. They were for the same product and both new accounts. Weird.

  • Two over $20 orders under my and my wife's account. Both are showing 'order being sent'. No shipping details, no cancellation emails, no item arrived. Anyone in the same situation?

    • Nevermind, just checked our credit card transactions, got a refund for both orders in two days.

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