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65%+ off Games with Payment on Eligible MasterCard (e.g Forspoken ARS$4689.33 ~NZ$37) @ Steam (VPN Required)


I don't know if anyone is aware of this but Steam is also like Xbox and PlayStation if you change regions with a VPN the price drops dramatically.

I've been testing it for the past week and it works great.


  • Create a new Steam Account with Argentina as the Country of Residence. This part could be skipped if you test on your main Steam account which i haven't tested at this time but a friend has and said it worked

  • Search the game you would like to purchase, you can look up the best deals here Database of everything on Steam and add everything to cart

  • Once your on My Shopping Cart turn on your VPN to Argentina NordVPN worked great.

  • Change your Country to Argentina you can find this just above your Cart

  • Check out, the only payment that worked for me was Mastercard.

I just purchased Forspoken for $37 which cost $90 NZD At the moment of making this post which is 60% off

I have also heard you can do this on Epic Games Store which you can get cheap V-Bucks and Games.

Mod note:
Using a VPN to bypass geo-blocks and to exploit regional pricing is a breach of the Steam Subscriber Agreement and it could result in a permanent ban of the Steam account, including it's ability to purchase and access video games or software.

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  • One tip I saw on OzBargain

    Create new steam account with VPN to Argentina and buy and load up on Argentina steam gift cards and then turn on family sharing to play the game on your main account.

    • Why use gift cards? is that a bypass for ban or something? Because you can use Mastercard

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        It was 2021 so could be outdated advice.

  • FYI: Forspoken sadly not rating very well. Studio got closed and folded into the parent company.
    May get cheaper over time.

    • The post wasn't made just for Forspoken you can get games cheap using reigon change.

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        I’ve asked the mods to take a look at the title. Tried to fix it up but they might have a better idea of how to do it.

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        I know, just letting anyone know, thats looking at that game specifically

  • For countries where its easier to get the gift cards (note, Argentina its not any more), better to have a separate account and just share it's library with your main account.

  • First, this isn't a deal, it's a work around for cheaper pricing.
    Second, make sure your activate the key/game while on an Argentinian IP as some games are locked in this way, so that if you bought them there, you cannot activate them from an NZ IP.
    Third, this is against Steam ToS and it will result in your account being banned when/if they take action. This used to be a huge issue and the reason they started tying payment methods country of issue to the same store/currency (hence why your mastercard works but not other methods which will be being picked up as invalid countries).
    You are limited to how often you can change country stores too.


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