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Hoka Shoes - Up to 41% off + $1 Shipping @ Onceit


Hoka mens & women's running shoes are up to 41% off + $1 shipping for a limited time.

Please note: Shipping date will be approx Apr 5th ā€” Apr 7th from Onceit's Auckland Distribution Centre.

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    Starting from $139.99

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    Hope they're not still using Aramex for delivery. Took 2+ weeks to get my order https://www.stuff.co.nz/business/131498750/aramex-couriers-uā€¦

    • Don't know who they're using, but I often get my order the next day or two if it's already in their warehouse.

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      We're sorry about this mpc, we use NZ Post (Courier Post) for items sent from our DC, so it looks like your order may have been sent directly from one of our Marketplace suppliers. Unfortunately we don't have control over who our suppliers use to ship their products with but our team will do our best to assist any customers with Aramex shipments if there are any issues with delivery. Thanks for letting us know.

  • Great deal! Thanks for sharing

  • I bought an Asics Kayano 29 recently for running. Was between the Asics and the On Cloudflyer.
    Asics was super comfortable when I tried it, but I'm having some nasty blisters after my 5km runs.
    I have never tried Hoku before. Is it a good running shoe? I'm always afraid of buying my shoes online.

    • Thats a real hard thing to comment on. In terms of whether Hoka is a reputable brand (ie they create good shoes), yes they are.
      Are they going to be the right shoe for you? Who knows; often its down to a suck it and see approach. Even when staying in the same shoe from version to version I have found significant changes to the point where the new versions of the same shoes have not been good for me.
      I was going to give some a go, but the equivalent Hoka (Mach 5) to my current shoe (Asics Noosa Tri) is not available in this special :(

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        Thanks for your reply! Yeah, I guess it's one of those situations aye. Even trying at the store doesn't work quite properly, since I tried the Kayanos and they felt absolutely great… until I ran for 30 minutes with them.

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          The main thing about Hoka is they make mostly trail-running shoes? I swear by Speedgoats for trails - these are a whole different beast from a Kayano which is super cushioned, but really only good for linear road running.

          Other question - do you over-pronate? I find that it's mostly just finding something which works for you and keep on buying them.

          • @llames: I always used regular shoes until now. I went to the Athlete's foot store. They did some fancy 3d scan of me walking and said I would need a more supportive shoes (hence the Kayano). To be fair, I've also tried other ones, and at the end I was between the Kayano and the On Cloudflyer.
            And although the Kayano felt absolutely great at the store, my experience running with it is a bit different.
            But to answer your question (but not quite), I'm not sure if I over-pronate or not haha. I'd say yes since they told me I needed a support shoes.

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              @Neotk: Fair enough - I still think Athlete's Foot is still a bit of scam - and really only a physio should be prescribing a shoe like the Kayanos. But also if it doesn't work out, you should be able to take it back for an exchange, they're very generous with returns!

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      The Hoka Speedgoat are a favourite for Te Araroa thru-hikers, even though they are technically a trail running shoe, because they are lightweight and quick-drying. I have the speedgoat 4's and love them, but there have been some concerns about the durability of the soles on the speedgoat 5's as thru-hiking shoes (which to be fair isn't their designed purpose). I'd still recommend them!

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        Are they actually? I feel like I only met one other person with Speedgoats while on the TA!

    • First of all - you regarding your blisters, try wearing unning socks from Icebreakers and apply some vaseline at your potential blister areas before your run.

      Secondly - Nike offers some great shoes and if you buy them online, you can return them within 14 days even if you've gone for a run in them.

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