Temu.com has expanded their business into NZ

Not sure if you've heard of temu.com. It's another Aliexpress-style website which initially started in US and Canada with some success and now has landed in NZ and Australia. They offer Chinese-quality products at low prices and low shipping costs. Some may argue that it will create more landfills. But no doubt that people will start buying from them and they will surely make an impact on the local small business.

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  • I've never heard of Temu.
    How does it compare to AliExpress, Wish, DX, banggood and others?

    • Aliexpress shipping is gone up

      banggood doesn't ship to nz anymore

      • good to know thanks!

      • +1

        Banggood Does still ship to NZ. I don’t now where you got that info from. I purchased an item from them 3 weeks ago and it arrived very quickly. Just checked their website now and shipping to NZ is definitely available.

        • what was it? i browse ozb often and whenever there is a banggood sale, it doesn't ship to nz

          • +1

            @justaddwater: Ozb has a banggood AU deals from their local warehouse I think which doesn't ship outside AU.

          • @justaddwater: It was this:
            https://www.banggood.com/VIOLEWORKS-6-Inch-88VF-Electric-Cha… ( they are excellent saws btw ).

            Purchased when it was on sale. Select “Ship from AU” and you’ll see it does ship to NZ

            • @lookingatewe: Interesting

              Shipping: NZD$12.59
              To New Zealand Via NZ Standard Shipping, Estimated Delivery On Mar 25th-Apr 4th,2023
              Ships in 24 hours

              Ive seen cordless bosch from amazon au. How mu h did you get it for?

              This one seems to have more batteries and ?compatible with makita

              • @justaddwater: I paid $116 including shipping. As is always the way I have seen it cheaper since. If you want one of these keep an eye on Banggood, Aliexpress, Amazon au etc. Amszon au versions often come with a carry case.
                Batteries are compatible with Makita 18v tools.

                • @lookingatewe: I need one to cut a tree trunk into smaller pieces

                  • @justaddwater: It would be fine for that if the trunk isn’t too big. Things to remember with these saws, they have a Euro charger so you need a travel adapter to use it safely in NZ. They do not auto oil so you need a small squeezy bottle with chain oil. Lube the chain every 10mins. and also check chain tension at the same time.

    • +1

      Temu is backed by Pinduoduo, which is the largest competitor to Alibaba (Taobao/AliExpress) in China. In theory it would be larger than DX, Banggood, etc. It's also a marketplace similar to AliExpress.

      I was telling my daughter about Temu launched in AU/NZ yesterday, and she said that she has already heard of the shop because it got featured by many influencers on Instagram and Tiktok.

      • Interesting. thanks!

  • The foam planes(38/50cm) are a good price considering you pay nothing for shipping, fun kids toy that take some damage without breaking easily.

    I'm also surprised they think they can guarantee delivery by March 29th for my order(or give you $5 account credit) as nzpost is slow even for domestic right now.

  • My colleague says Temu is cheaper than Taobao in China but unsure if that's still the case here.

  • My friend told me about this. I put in an order for 60(-8 coupon), says delivery is a week

    • 60(-8 coupon)

      what does this mean?

      • $8 off with $60 spend from OzBargain link I mentioned earlier I’m guessing.

      • there are coupons you can get, I used the lowest one, $8 off $60

        btw, you can get these when you sign up, I didnt enter promo codes

  • Tried to buy a smartphone case but their search engine is horrendous compared to Aliexpress. Sorry Temu but I've tried.

    • +1

      same I tried to search for cables, every items I clicked to say out of stock and require login LOL. Bye

  • I think its shady they have the top banner about how free shipping/coupon ends at the end of the current day then reset the counter the next day..

    Like on the 18th free shipping was to end midnight, then midnight 19th, now midnight 20th

    The free shipping promo is actually good but I wish there was a real date attached to it

    • Yes I noticed that too.
      It’s great to have free shipping but makes the site seem less credible the way they do it

      • Sounds like OnceIt.

        • Except Onceit make sure everything decent is excluded from the free shipping (or $1 shipping) offers.

  • Ordered 2 x Fitbit watch straps on 16th. Not shipped yet. Amazon.au it'd have landed in Nz by now. Will see how it goes.

  • Any good budget/mid range phone deals for kids? (Looking for something moddable)

  • So my order from March 14 is due tomorrow well ahead of the delivery deadline(or $5 credit applied).

    My second order from March 18 has not been shipped yet

    "Sorry! Due to high demand, shipments are taking longer than usual. We are working hard to ship the order to you as soon as possible. If it is not shipped within 5 days of purchase, we will issue you a NZ$5.00 credit. If the order is still not shipped within 15 days of purchase, we will issue you a full refund and still ship the item(s) to you as soon as possible."

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