Query around Roborock S7 (Standard & MaxV Ultra) and upcoming sales events (PB Tech and others)

I'm on the lookout for a Roborock S7, and it looks like PB Tech is going to be the best place to buy this.

I'm wondering if people can remember when PB Tech (or other places that sell this type of product) typically have sales around this time of year?

I'm aware PB are known for hiking prices prior to sales, but still seems like it'd end up being the cheaper option.

Also open to suggestions on where else to buy a Roborock S7 MaxV ULTRA



  • I am also in the market for a Robot Vacuum.
    Saw on Amazon a Roborock Q7 Max for around 699AUD, a few days ago.
    Thought about it for a day or so, and price went up to $1100+
    looking at the price history of Roborock Q7 Max it ocasionally drops to around 700, so I will wait for it to drop again.

    Q7 Max Suction is 4200pa
    S7 Suction is 2500pa.

    • Note that the Q7 you've listed only comes with standard dock and doesn't have or do auto cleaning into bins.

      S7 MaxV Ultra combo (not the standard one) comes with the two bins and auto cleaning

      • Yes, for me i'm happy to empty the Bin myself every few days or so.
        Auto emptying is convenient, but you pay quiet a bit for this.

    • Ah, i'm looking at getting the S7MaxV Ultra which i think does out perform the Q7 https://www.bestcordlessvacuumguide.com/roborock-q7-max-vs-s…

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    S8 comes out next month so may pay to wait till then to see if s7 goes on clearance

  • +1

    Easter prolly
    Unofficial staff advise

  • Well, it didn't go on sale D:

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