Good Quality Couches That Don't Cost an Arm and a Leg?

Hi cheapies,

I am looking for a couch (preferably L shaped) and have been furniture shopping all weekend and the prices are INSANE. Who is paying 4-8k for a settee?

Located in Auckland

We are open to second hand shops, what are some good ones in auckland?

Or if you know when some cheap good quality places are?\

Thanks in advance


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    I would also keep an eye on Facebook Marketplace/TradeMe. Sometimes people just want rid of quality stuff, but it can be a mission to wade through the crap.

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    We were in the same spot about a year or so ago and my wife found Furniture City in New Lynn- https://website-8419913266683093899234-furniturestore.busine…
    Evidently they supply a bunch of the larger chain stores, use standard dunlop foams, standard fabrics (eg Warrick etc) and have a good selection of all different shapes/sizes. The design isn't amazing, but not offensive, certainly our family has found them comfortable and the price is really sharp. Oh and its all made for your order, so while there is a few weeks lead time (depending on the availability of your chosen fabric), its locally made which is also a win!
    Our friends also saw ours and went and grabbed a set for them too and have not been disappointed.

    • Thanks for the recommendation - my mind immedietely went to Redpaths New Lynn but it looks like that's shut down and been replaced by another furniture shop. I'll check this out.

    • Nice, easy to remember website url there. Feels like something from the 90s.

      • haha ikr, I suppose they spend their time/effort making sofas :P

  • went to costco today and found a L shape sofa for around 2.5k (on sale). its leather (probably synthetic) and looks pretty solid to me. much cheaper than what i paid years ago.

  • Have a look at FurniturePoint on Trade me, NZ made, 10/2 Bishop Dunn Place, Flat Bush, they had a great selection and could make to order too.

  • We got a new couch recently. Cost us $3.5K approx. It was modified for us to a small extent, (narrower arms). It's a 3 + 2 seater and very nice. I would say to you be very wary of 'leather' coverings. You'd pay a huge amount for real leather, ($10 k ?), and anything else is usually very suspect and doesn't really last well from what I've seen. Another thing - inspect fabric very carefully for quality. We got some swatches to take home and liked one in particular - until I noticed it was a dual layer material and the outer layer, (the one you sit on), was very thin. So that one was a fail. We chose a single layer strong fabric which also had been Stain resistant treated in the factory and that was a good choice because we got a stain on it in the first couple of weeks after purchase. The stain came out with a bit of sweating lol. Which leads me to my last piece of advice. As part of our stain removal we removed the particular cushion from the sofa, took the cover off , and washed it a couple of times. DO NOT buy any sofa which has 'fixed' cushions which cannot be removed. We did look at a couple like that but thought about it and considered it to be a bad idea.

    • I second buying a couch with removable cushions. Ours are fixed in place and it is a pain in the arse!

      • Perhaps if they're a P.I.T.A then they're not very good quality cushions 🤣😁😁
        For this reason I also reccomend trying them out before you buy !

  • Also try and get high density foam, otherwise the favourite seat gets wrecked faster

  • Scored a nice dark navy blue suite on trademe for just $400. 2 recliners and a 3 seater. One small patch of minor wear of the colour I fixed with a leather repair kit. And you've got to try meguirs gold leather conditioner from super cheap auto it was the best in a review of 10 conditioners I read and it's incredible stuff

  • Have you tried places for custom-made couches? A couple of people I know have had their couches made to order from this place - - you can give it a go and I don't think they are too dear.

  • ifurniture has imported stuff but also supplies NZ made, choose the colour you want from the swatches, options too.

    There's also places like Urban Sales who import Ikea furniture.

    Failing that, Container Door?

    Depends where your sweet spot is between cost and quality I guess. There's 3 cats in our house who love scratching the sofa up so I'm definitely not in the arm and a leg range.

  • Go to affordable furniture at chirstianchurch

  • Tsb living and deal king have great low prices definitely worth a google

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