AmEx Grocery Offer - Spend $200 or More, Get $40 Back

Hi cheapies,

Just wondering whether there's anyone who have successfully taken AMEX's grocery offer - Spend $200 or more (at countdown or new world, online & in-store), get $40 back up to 2 times.

I am new to AMEX and have just managed to receive $300 bonus airpoints dollars from their sign up promo (by spending over $1,500). I have definitely spent over $200 at countdown or new world so far, but I haven't yet to receive $40 credit yet, has anyone received this as a part of the offer and if so, how long does it take to be credited? I'm pretty sure it doesn't have to be a single transaction, but just the total spent accumulated? I have definitely saved the offer so I should be eligible. Do they credit the money back after the offer expires perhaps?

Another question is whether my partner who has additional card attached to my account, is eligible for the same offer separately as long as he used his card over $200? He has saved the offer in his app too.

I missed out on their spend $10 at small businesses and get $5 back up to 10 times offer, hopefully they do that again soon!

Look forward to hearing from you all.


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  • Yes, successfully used that Countdown offer. These type of cashback offers they normally credit within a few days. Never had any issues.

    Partners card I think depends on the offer, providing it lets you register though and you get conformation of the exact card number I don't see why not.

    • Hmm, I thought that would be the case, but I haven't received the credit back yet. It must have been about a month since I spent over $200..!!

  • Did you register for the countdown offer? You have to register each card. You can also check if you are registered under the amex app. The cashback is generally quit fast. A few days for this.

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    If you can see the offer under your card and add it to the card, then you are eligible. Do you mean you spent over $200 in total at countdown and new world? I got a feeling you have to spend $200 in one supermarket to get it, not adding the total from both supermarkets.

    • Yes both my partner and I could see the offer in our app and added it, so we should both be eligible. Maybe it has to be over total spend of $200 in one particular supermarket branch? For example, $100 in countdown ponsonby and $100 in countdown mt eden won't combine? If that's true, the offer itself is quite misleading really… I might give a call to AMEX tmrw and find out.. Their T&Cs don't seem to clarify..

      • I had a similar offer before. The spendings have to be accumulated from the same supermarket.

  • Updates

    Just received my first $40 credit. The credit was offered straight away on the day over $200 purchases were met.
    However, it looks like some transactions were not considered as groceries, even though they were from new world.
    Different supermarkets and different branches all seem to be stackable as long as they are groceries category.

    • May I ask what transactions didn't considered as groceries if you don't mind sharing please?

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        I bought some collagen capsules for my sister from new world and they came out as miscellaneous.
        It's funny because I also bought some vitamin D gummies from countdown with other grocery items and they came out okay!

  • Anyone tried buying Countdown gift cards?

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