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As per title, any Air NZ Discount / Promo Code

Need to fly to Wellington, and current prices are very high.


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    Prices are crazy aye….was looking at flying to the Islands later in the year and noticed that prices for AirNZ are silly high :O Maybe they are trying to claw back some of the profits lost to Covid :D….although likely its just a symptom of the environment, ie less plans, more demand, higher costs etc blah blah, but it still burns for us cheapies!! :D

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    Not a promo code, but depending where you're flying from and the time you want to fly, book the cheapest flight on Flexitime for the day you want to fly (usually first or last flights). On the morning of the day you fly, you can change to any available flight for free - but you do risk the flight not being available, so best on the bigger planes.

    Good way to get cheaper flights if the times you want are super expensive, but there's cheaper flights the same day.

    • This method works for major routes with plenty of flights but risky otherwise. Alternatively checks jetstar prices.

      • Haha wish me luck. ZQN to TRG Sunday 720am following stag do. Hoping to swap out haha, or it's gonna be a rough Sunday. Risk vs reward…

        • you can change from midnight online without going to the airport.

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    Did you try Test or Test1 or maybe even ASKMIKE8? 😉

    • or the EARNZ code from their feedback surveys

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    Tried Plebstar?

  • Thanks Team.

  • Depending where you are, you might be able to get the Regional Gotta Go fare mentioned on this page:

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