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Sealord Tuna in Oil 425g, 2 for $6 (In-Store Pickup) @ The Warehouse


Great tuna can deals I found at The Warehouse.

At first I thought it was a pricing error, but it isn't as I am expecting delivery soon. Stocks are running out fast, I ordered 14 but only expecting 8 cans, the rest were refunded.
You'll need to check the store availability maybe to get it from the store. Each can are sold around $6+ each so I find this a good deal.

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    seems to be limited stock now, for AK CnC and Delivery :( ! that was fast. Can only buy 1 unit.

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      It was showing out of stock for online order yesterday, now it's not. You can try your luck doing it online. Otherwise, Sylvia Park is showing available in-store at the moment.

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    Can't add 2 units.

  • If I add a 2nd unit it's suddenly "out of stock", if I change quantity in my cart it refreshes to 1 again. Either they only have 1 left in stock or it's broken.

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    My personal strategy is to avoid canned foods, as this is one of the sources of hormone disrupting chemicals.


    • Wow thanks for sharing that, I had no idea - interesting studies. Good thing I avoid most packaged foods but I'll be honest, canned tomatoes have been a go-to for me!

      edit: Upon further research it seems most companies have ditched that coating a long time ago, probably would pay to check if Sealord do the same.

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  • Links dead now for me

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