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Panasonic 65” OLED 2021 TV (JZ2000) $2997 + Shipping @ Noel Leeming


Saw this on the Noel Leeming website today, possibly a pricing error as it is the same price as the 55” equivalent, or they are clearing the old stock (2021).

My wife bought this on Black Friday Sale, end of Nov 2022 for $3700 so this is may be as good as the deal gets before running out of stock.

We are super impressed with the picture and audio quality from this TV, and have no regrets getting this TV instead of Panasonic’s newer LZ2000. We use this TV for movies, Netflix, and gaming.

First time posting - please be kind.

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  • Definitely not bad.

    Idk if it's the remote or the UI but Panasonic stuff feels really clunky to use so we bought a Chromecast tv and it's a fantastic combination.

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    Does it have Dolby vision?

    • Says Dolby Vision a few times in the description so guessing so.

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      Yep it does. I have the model down from this one and it supports Dolby Vision.

  • Yup. It is just clearing old stock. Theres a bit of stock left, but thatll move quite fast.

  • Good Deal !

  • How good of a deal.. been looking for a tv for a while but really wanting a good deal

  • How does it compare to the Philips?…

    I have a cheaper Philips (non OLED), and I must say Ambilight is a pretty sweet feature.

    • I remember reading that the Phillips top of the range OLED TVs are as good as Panasonic OLED in terms of picture quality and accuracy.

      Before deciding to get this Panasonic TV last November, I was contemplating on the following options: Panasonic JZ2000 (2021), Sony A90J (2021), and LG C2 (2022). Chose JZ2000 because of the picture accuracy and integrated audio system (which is exceptional for TV speakers). The hdmi 2.1 (two ports only) and gaming features were sufficient for my casual gaming on PS5

      • thanks for sharing..

      • So is the Philips one linked top of the line? They do have a few budget ranges. I can't tell :/

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          Philips is a budget Chinese brand like Hisense but good TVs for the money which should be reflected in their price.

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      $2499 for 65" OLED, for those who can't be bothered clicking the link. Mine was $6800 when I bought it in 2016. No regrets. I'm still in love :-)

  • is OLED burn in still a problem?

    • Seems to be quite a bit of inbuilt screen saving features, so I'm going to say yes.

      • Those features are designed to reduce burn in mainly from static images - mainly from watching the same TV channel for two long and the logo staying on the screen 24/7 - these are the main causes of burn in these days.
        The technology has evolved quite a bit where burn in is less of an issue and if you use the TV responsibly, it won't be an issue (don't have the TV being hit by direct sunlight and don't display static images for long periods of time).
        The EVO panels are a lot more resilient and a lot of the higher end models come with heatsinks which also greatly help to reduce image retention (slightly different to burn in, but can lead to it).

  • I ended up getting this today. OS is snappy. Picture is great. Really pops in the black's and contrast (coming from 4k HDR non OLED Philips). It's glossy so reflections are an annoyance. But at night with the light out watching Wednesday and it's beautiful. Would have rathered no chunky in-built speakers as already have surround. Adds a few inches to the bezel at the bottom and thic to the back. They don't sound that great anyway. All in all my previous was $1K 65" VS $3K for this. Quite a jump for slightly brighter brights and blacker black's. But I like it. Miss my old Ambilight, but will chuck in a LED strip I have lying around for ambiance. Not active but the rear glow will be nice at least.

    • One other thing I couldn't fix is the image from the receiver is zoomed, showing only the top left 2/3. That's what my Chromecast is coming through. Spent an hour Googling and playing with settings. No fix yet.

      • Glad you're enjoying the OLED upgrade - its always amazing going from a LED to an OLED. You've basically spoiled your eyes and there is no going back….

        Re the issue with the receiver, I don't have a Philips my self, but have you checked the HDMI settings on the TV and made sure that its set to 4k? a Zoomed image is usually caused by resolutions not being set correctly on one of the devices.

        • Would you go for the JZ2000 or save your money and get something like this for 1k less?


          I love Ambilight so that's a win in my book… And the price is really nice too.

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            @Latex Fist: Last time we talked about TV's you got angry at me but here's my opinion and I don't mean it an angry or condescending manner.

            Before even deciding between the two TV's, follow the below rules of thumb:
            IF you're big into movies or really move immersive gaming an OLED is the choice UNLESS you're playing in a brightly lit room / have windows opposite the TV.
            IF you're into day time watching then LED is the choice.

            Now if neither applies and you need to pick between the two, this is the issue you'll find - Philips don't sell TV's in the states so its really hard to find good reviews - you'll get really mediocre reviews from people who really have no clue about TV's and you won't get any GOOD side by side comparisons. If you want reviews or first hand experiences, your best bet is to scroll through…

            I'd personally go for the OLED, because honestly, OLED's are king. You really can't appreciate this by looking at them in store, once you have one at home and use it for awhile and then go back to LED TV's you realise that you've spoilt your eyes and you'll never want to buy a cheap TV again. The JZ2000 is also really good value at this price, it was basically the second best TV of 2021 and would be better than the C2/a80k picture wise while also having a longer lifetime due to the heatsink while also being cheaper.

            I also love Ambilight, I have LED strips around all our TV's and I really wish they would synch with the TV like Ambilight because it looks bloody awesome. But recently, I've actually turned the strips off my bedroom TV (a95k that we watch netflix/movies on every evening) and found that I actually prefer to watch with the light off now. But yeah, if you don't mind the light not synching with the TV - you can get a 5m strip from kmart that is USB powered for $25 that'll do the trick just fine.

            • @Vish: Re: bias lighting behind non-Ambilight TVs

              Before this OLED TV I was using a 2016 LED-LCD TV. The bias lighting was great to compensate for cloudy and non-uniform blacks in the dark scenes. It also made the blacks appear darker (as the eyes are adjusted to the biased lighting)

              I also installed bias lighting behind this JZ2000 OLED TV. However I found it essential to have all these lights turned off, to fully appreciate that flawless blacks this TV is able to offer. The bias lighting is now redundant.

              Ambilight may be a different story though as the multicolour syncing may give it another level of immersion that bias lighting cannot do. No first hand experience with those. Good luck.

  • Went to see it today, decided against it due to the speaker below the panel of the TV as I want to use my own soundbar/surround I felt I'd rather have all TV panel without the speaker so will keep looking for deals on another OLED 65"

  • Here's The Market link for the TV.
    I've just posted a 10% Market coupon which kicks in from midnight tonight - highly likely this TV will be removed from the website by then (or the price is inflated) as this often happens but worth a shot.

    • The coupon seems to be live now.

      • It was live at midnight so has been up for a few hours now.

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    Not sure why anyone would go with this over the LG OLED65CS?

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      I can make it pretty obvious with the below explanation (not trying to sound like a prick)….

      The JZ2000 was competing with the G1/A90j while the CS is a reskinned C1.
      The JZ2000 has the new panel and a heat sink, the CS has neither.
      The JZ2000 has a built in sound bar which sounds a lot better than the CS.
      Lastly, the JZ2000 was commonly rated one of the better TV's of 2021, usually being only beaten by the A90J was undeniably the best TV of the year. It was generally preferred over the G1.

      I think the only area the CS beats the JZ2000 is the user interface, a lot of people complain about Panasonics UI and that it is very buggy.

      Edit -typo

      • Does the JZ series still suffer from some niggles regarding 4k 120hz VRR being half resolution?

        I think Pana released a patch, so it might be fine. But I think I recall that the Pana can only do 4k60 dolby vision so maybe something to consider if you're an xbox gamer.

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          Think they fixed the 4k 120hz with VRR awhile ago, but unsure of the 120hz dolby vision support - generally only LG TV's support that from my experience.

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          Hi Explor944, I can confirm that 4K 120Hz VRR is now patched to use full vertical resolution (Panasonic properly fixed that and all related interface problems with PS5 since mid 2022). No flickers or glitches whatsoever on my PS5.

          It does require a specific “4K120hz bypass mode” to be toggled in the settings. Just set it once, and the TV recognises this setting every time a 4K 120fps signal is fed from the hdmi input. Absolutely amazing playing GoW: Ragnarok, and Modern Warfare II etc. using 120fps (HFR mode).

          Correct too, Dolby Vision gaming only up to 4k60hz from this TV. I think only LG does up to 120fps for Dolby Vision gaming. As I only use PS5 and not Xbox, it didn’t concern me.

          I hope all those who got this TV at the special price (even cheaper on TheMarket!?) are enjoying their new TV

    • Although they both have LG panels Panasonic is better you are comparing a $5000 television with a $3000 LG . The Panasonic also has a sound bar Incorporated in the television itself with the ability to connect an external wired sub.

      • That's also a fair point - both use LG panels, but with the CS your playing panel lottery as LG only quality controls the G series (higher risk of banding and pinkish hues on full white screens) whereas the JZ2000 uses what Panasonic call "Master HDR OLED Processional Edition" which just means its an OLED panel which they have quality checked and partially calibrated.

      • I hook up the TV to an external wired sub. Great that Panasonic has all the crossover controls already built-in. Only gripe is that the required cable (3.5mm one end, and 2RCA other end) is hard to find.

        Amazing watching movies with the TV speakers + external sub. This set up is on par with using high end sound bar + sub.

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          Yes, that was a really common cable 10 years ago, but since Bluetooth no cables required.

  • Stock on TheMarket is 7.

  • This item is currently out of stock on TheMarket.

    Looks like Noel Leeming is targeting Chinese demographic with 83" OLEDs at $8,888.

  • Back in stock on TheMarket. 10% off code ends tonight.

  • I bought the jz2000 from Noel's and got it for the same price as the market deal with that 10percent off. There just aren't many longevity tests with oled TVs and wanting to keep it for 10 years. Paid 2800 delivered for the 65 during waitangi weekend. They may be trying to clear 55 stock due to the price being 2500. Am expecting them to mark the 65 down to 2500 in Easter for eofy deal if stock left. I couldn't be bothered to wait as didn't want to risk losing the deal and missing out since it's a 5k TV when first released.

    I purchased it based on the reviews and as we don't have a surround sound setup, I currently use a 42 plasma with its built in speakers. Looking forward to the oled screen for Amazon and Netflix movies.

    How is the screen cast or sharing?

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