Q Mastercard Deal from Last Year

Has anyone been paid out the bonus for spending certain amount in the card?

I think the T&Cs say paid out by Feb, but other deals I have had the bonus paid has soon as meeting the spend requirement.


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Q Mastercard


  • Haven't been paid yet

    • Thanks, hopefully credit is applied this week

  • I haven’t received the reward yet. Have you guys been paid?

  • +1

    Something dodgy going on with QMasterCard

    I was told my application didn't not have the spendget code but clearly I applied through the promo link. I am following up with their customer services and trying to find out what happened. You guys should do the same.

    • I took screenshots and screen recordings and saved their promo webpage and signup page as a webarchive file, it 100% pre-populated the code SPENDGET.

  • I suspect it is all a bit of a scam. I havent been paid out yet either. I definitely used the link with the code too.

  • I've been told they are looking into it and to contact them if the credit hasn't been applied by the end of the week

  • I called them and they said to expect the credit by the end of this week (Sunday) and if it is not showing on Monday to call them back. I asked about my Flight Centre Mastercard on the SPENDGET promotion and they said "same thing there". Maybe not a scam just poor communication?

    • I was told it would be in by my next statement date (which is near the end of the month). I queried the bit in their t&c's that said "BY" 10/2/23 which implies it should be in no later than the 10th.

      Poor communication on their part since signup.

      • That makes sense as my next statement for the Q card is the 17th but the Flight Centre one is not until Mar 4th. I agree the communication is very poor.

  • So you have to give them a call for the credit to appear or are they looking into it for everyone?

    • +1

      I have a feeling it applies to everyone. I called about my Q card and after they went off and investigated I then asked about my Flight Centre card and without doing anything else he said it would appear Sunday.

  • Anybody got a confirmation for the promotion? Im pretty sure ive applied spendget but got no evidence of confirmation.

    • Not me, that is another example of the poor communication

    • I dont think anyone got a confirmation email unless they asked for one, having said that, I asked for one and didnt get it, but I have evidence.

  • Happy days… 😊

  • I got $300 credit instead of $500 credit

    • Was it the statement date?

      • I got my statement today and the credit has been applied.

        They don't count spend in the first 10 days do i wonder if thats why they only credited you 300?

        • I got my statement a few days before credit. But I did contact them so they probably manually did it.

          I did meet the 5k spend requirement, I didn't use the card for the first 10 days after opening account.

          • @sam01: Did you repay it in full before the end of january?

            • @HappyNZ: I received the additional $200 after contacting them again.

              I spent just over 5k during promo period and paid off 1k in total before receiving credit

  • Got my 500.

    Spent 500 dollar more than the promo requirement for good measure.

  • Tried to login this morning to check if I got my $500 but cant login from web or app, get either an "oops can't find page" or an http error or simply nothing happens. :/ anyone else having problems loging in?

    Edit: never mind, logged in now. Got my $500!

  • I am still waiting for mine. Statement date is tomorrow. Looks like I need to call them urgh.

    • My statement date is 26th but my account was credited 17th. So contrary to what they told me I dont think the statement date is much use.

      • Hmm. That's not promising.

  • I got my expected credit, but I had an email confirmation that I am enrolled in the spendget program only after on enquiring for it multiple times.

  • I should mention it is worth checking your q mastercard statement regularly for any unexpected interest charges. E. G. You should not be expected to pay interest on first 3 statement since at least 3 month interest free and had paid every month in the first 3 months to meet minumun required payment.

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