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Free Selling on General Items, Cars & Motorbikes @ Trade Me



My first post here. Apologies if I have missed anything.

Free Selling – Saturday 28 January!
On general items, cars & motorbikes.

General items:

  • This promotion is available to casual sellers only (not in-trade).
  • Applies to general item listings only.
  • Discount applies to success fees only, any other applicable listing fees still apply.
  • Relists started on Saturday 28 Jan 2023 are included, but relists after this date are not. Only applies for the first listing period.
  • Car parts are included, however large machinery listed in the 'Business, farming and industry' category are not (e.g. tractors and trailers).


  • This promotion is available to casual sellers only (not RMVT registered, and lists less than 10 vehicles in any 12 month period).
  • Applies to used car & motorbike listings on a basic listing type only.
  • Relists after 90 days aren't included. Only applies to used car & motorbike listings created on Saturday 28 Jan 2023.
  • Applies only to cars & motorbikes (not to other vehicle types, e.g. campervans and boats).
  • This offer is non-transferable.

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  • +1

    Congrats on your first post OP.

  • Dang. I should've waited a week. They got me last week sending a 25%off success fee.

    • same here, i didnt expect one soo soon

    • you can chat to them, sometimes they are happy to refund / discount the success fees.

  • Thanks OP. Right time as I am selling my car!!

  • +3

    Perfect, just did a cleanup of all my old tech and expected I would be waiting a few months for another free selling promo - about 4k worth of stuff to list tomorrow!!

  • Yessssss! I better get my a into g

  • Yah been waiting for this

  • +4

    As a tip, if you use the Trade Me "My Products" tool (free to use) You can create your listings in draft form, then park them indefinitely. When a free or reduced shipping day comes up then activate them.

    Don't need to spend your Saturday listing stuff. Do it in your downtime then they are all ready to go with a couple of clicks :)

    Also if you ONLY want to sell stuff on free fees days, then immediately after activating them deactivate them. They will stay listed on Trade Me but if they close unsold they wont be relisted until you activate them again whenever you want.

    • Good tips, thanks for that. Another few from my side:

      1. Don't list your item at the crack of dawn, rather list it in the evening / late that night so that people have the entirety of next Saturday to buy what you've listed.
      2. Find an email from TradeMe for your past listings if you want to copy / paste the description & title + look at the prices you had it listed at.
      • +2

        Using myproducts you can set the end time for free.

        • Excellent, that's a good perk.

  • Just to confirm these are for all listings, not only with $1 Reserves? thanks

    • all listed today, its not a $1 free listing.

  • Anyone know if you change the description or shipping setting if you lose the no success fees promo? I went in to edit an auction listed yesterday today to add shipping options and it said a success fee may be charged on the last step

    • +1

      Nope, editing those items wont affect the success fee (even though it says so). Just don't modify the closing time

      • +1

        Awesome thankyou for that :)

        • its generic, they still state the success fee in the email but its not applied.

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