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eufyCam 2 Pro 2K Wireless Home Security System (4 Pack) $996 + Shipping ($0 CC) @ JB Hi-Fi


eufyCam 2 Pro 2K Wireless Home Security System (4 Pack) $996

May be a pricing error or they’re clearing stock of older models? 4 pack is only $46 more than the 3 pack.

RRP is $1599 and appears to be on sale for around $1399 at other stores ie Noel Leeming

The 2 Pack is also discounted to an ok price of $639.20 vs $849 at Noel Leeming

While the 3 Pack is $950.40 vs $1149 at Noel Leeming

Features & Benefits
2K Resolution cameras with advanced night vision capture more detail in crisp 2K clarity
Wire-Free cameras with 365 Day Battery Life. 1 Charge = 1 Year.
Intelligent AI technology built-in, can detect humans, optimize image quality and reduce false alerts
Military grade encryption keeps your data safe and protects your privacy
Battery Backup, keep your security rolling even in power outages
Free Local Storage
No monthly fees
All data is saved locally to the homebase with 16 GB built in storage.

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    Probably clearing the models that sent your “local only” data to their cloud and even made it available unencrypted online in some situations …

    • I think they fixed that in recent update, could be wrong though.

      • I mean would you actually trust that they've fixed it when they so obviously and knowingly lied about it the first time around?

        • Not all cameras where affected for the said unencrypted link. For the cloud thing it was the thumbnails of the captured photo not the entire video as some blogs suggest.

          I am not defending eufy.

          Edit: From memory I think only the powered indoor cameras had issue with unencrypted link. Again it was not possible hack it without having wifi access. In that case everything is compromised not just camera.

      • That means they can easily "unfix" it with a future update

        • +2

          Better go with POE cameras and a NAS.

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    This would be clearance as eufy 3 & new homebase is out.

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    Maybe dumping stock after their massive security meltdown and garbage response over the last month?


    Their "local only" cameras all had easily accessible online backdoor that wasn't secure. Literally lied. Part of their response, "Update the privacy policy to redact everything that promised it was local only and secure"

    From the article:

    Here are 10 things that were written on Eufy’s privacy commitment page as of December 8th, 2022, that are no longer there today:

    “To start, we’re taking every step imaginable to ensure your data remains private, with you.”
    “[Y]our recorded footage will be kept private. Stored locally. With military-grade encryption. And transmitted to you, and only you.”
    “Here at eufy, we’re not just all talk and no action.”
    “With secure local storage, your private data never leaves the safety of your home, and is accessible by you alone.”
    “All recorded footage is encrypted on-device and sent straight to your phone—and only you have the key to decrypt and watch the footage. Data during transmission is encrypted.”
    “There is no online link available to any video.”
    “You need to use Eufy software and your account to decrypt the clips for viewing. No one else can access or read this data.”
    “For Your Eyes Only”
    “Peeking Prohibited”
    “Everything In-House”

    • +1

      That shit is massively over-reacted.

      • +2

        Exactly my thoughts.

      • Still inexcusable.

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    Best set up on the market for the money, free access to storage 16GB anywhere in the world, long life battery on the cameras, battery back up on the Home base . and very good cameras. I wouldn't believe any rubbish the verge puts out they are just garbage corporate shills .

    • I agree, while facebook and google knows everything about you and no one seems to care.

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