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[Switch] It Takes Two $39.00 @ The Warehouse


Was $69.00
Can be played couch co-op or with another switch for free with friend-pass.

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The Warehouse

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  • Steam currently have this game on sale too for around $18. Not cross compatible unfortunately so comes down to whatever platform you want to play on

  • +3

    Great game highly recommend even for partners/friends who are not usually 'gamers' easy to pick up and fun to play through. You can do the free month EA pass to get this temporary free on PlayStation.

  • No free shipping code for warehouse?

    • There haven’t been any of those for almost a year now.

  • Looks like it sold out in most places already

  • Fantastic game!

  • Played this on ps4. Great game. Wife doesn’t play games normally and was able to cope with this one and a few sweaty palm moments.

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