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Half Price off Storewide (Excludes Clearance & Gift Cards) @ Briscoes


Could be good for items that rarely get discounted by much ie Oral B/Sodastream refills, Kitchenaid appliances, Breville coffee machines etc

BRISCOES MASSIVE 1/2 PRICE STOREWIDE* SALE IS COMING SOON! Shop in-store and online Friday 20 - Sunday 22 Jan.

*Excludes gift vouchers and clearance items

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    The kitchenaid minis are on clearance for $499 (usually $600). So no half price on those. They have the larger ones KSM160 for sale now though for $1199. $600 would be good. Wonder if they'll stop those being 50% off somehow.

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    Previous 50% off for good buys:

    Might be able to stack with $20 off $100 Spend

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    Don't forget that all the Briscoes discount codes are still working and still apply to clearance lines (even the ones that say no further discount) so could help save a bit more.
    They will still charge their $3 click & collect fee or $7 shipping but still ends up with some extra savings.

    Depending on what you are looking at:
    $20 off $100
    Free Shipping or $10 off $50

    In the example by Stoic above, the KitchenAid Mini comes down to $482.99 for Click & Collect or $486.99 delivered.

    • $20 off $100 code is no longer working FYI

      • The site is kind of broken, if you switch between the free shipping and $20 off codes, the $20 code becomes invalid. Remove contents of your cart and start again, the code will work afterwards.

        • OOH that worked, thank you!

        • That's exactly what I do.
          Remove everything and start again otherwise you get the invalid message.

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    Also a good time if you want to get a Contigo Travel Mug - https://www.briscoes.co.nz/product/1073678/contigo-westloop-…

    • How decent are these vs a normal travel mug? Always checked them out but don't know a lot about them.

      • +1

        Yes I’m interested too…always makes me suspicious when things are on nzsale whether they’re actually any good

      • Well I remember people asking about them some time ago.. I investigated them but there was no decent special on. Found the thread here: https://www.cheapies.nz/node/33947

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        I use mine every day!
        It's going strong over a year later.
        Never leaked or had any issues.

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        I have a few different travel mugs, these are vastly superior. Lid only opens when you push a button on the side, and that can be locked - i often make a coffee and put in my bag - never drips!

        Only downside is the main stainless body is not dishwasher safe(lid is), but then a lot of insulated mugs are the same too

        • +1

          I mean, can't be that hard to handwash a single mug I suppose. Thanks for the info, i think i'll pick one up :)

        • +2

          The unpainted stainless steel version is actually dishwasher-safe for the body. If painted then you'd risk the paint coming off.

      • If I'm spending money for a good one it's gonna be another zojiroshu all day

    • +1

      Damn it all, just brought 2 the other day for my parents when they were on sale for $55 🤦‍♂️

      For anyone wondering, they are a great mug - very well made and keep drinks hot for hours if need be! In fact, I use it without the lid a lot of the time due to how long it takes to cool down haha

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    BES870 could come down to $549.50 - $20 (INA-NAJB223RS74) = $529.50

    • +1

      Hopefully the BES876BSS comes down as well as that could more attractive

      • In theory it'd be $650? Seems pretty good if you want that feature

        • You are spot on, and $637 with the $20 off coupon.

      • +1

        Looks like the BES876BSS has been taken down.

    • They would still add their $3 c&c fee so would make it $532.50 but still a good price.

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    Wonder if this will work on the sodastream CO2 bottles…

    Half off will bring them down to $20 which is cheaper than getting refills.

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      Can confirm it did last time. I bought a couple in store (wasnt online)

      • Nice. Cheers for that

        • Do they do 50% off refill too?

        • +1

          Now I’ve been considering trying it on at mitre10 for a price guarantee…

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      Online looks like they only sell the new quick connect gas bottles. Does anyone know if they sell the original style gas bottles too?

      • +2

        Same here, was just about to order a couple of cylinders and noticed the different packaging and looked up "Quick Connect" system.

        Didn't realize they had introduced a new system, must be thousands who are still on the old "screw jobs" like myself :)

        • yeah cant see the standard 60L options online…

          • @alanimal: I picked up a couple of normal screw ones this morning from Albany Briscoes.

        • Thanks for pointing that out, that was a close one. Guess I'll see if they do the refills instead.

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    Guess im buying a coffee machine. Supposed to be saving money this year.

    • +1

      If you buy coffees this will get you financially ahead in the long run if it acts as a replacement.

      • Pair it with a keep cup and we often think about getting a coffee while out and just make one to take with us instead. Slowly saving money a couple of coffees at a time.

        Might see how much the breville dose grinder rcomes down to tomorrow. The bodum has done a good job but I don't think it's quite fine enough for the espresso machine.

    • I'm wondering the same. Any recommendations on which machine is best?

      • +1

        It really depends what you're after in terms of features. At the moment, the Barista Express Impress (BES876BSS) would be my recommendation based on 1) newest and has auto dosing and consistent tamping + better temp control, and 2) the price difference between it and the version below (Barista Express) is $100.

      • +1

        Do you have a grinder? If you're getting a machine you should absolutely get a grinder of some sort too as that makes a massive difference over pre ground espresso coffee.

        The brevilles tend to be a decent machine and offer both types of basket in the box which I really wanted. The pressurized baskets will make an ok cup consistently and cover up a lot of mistakes at the cost of not getting a great cup. Once your comfortable you can try the unpressurized one and improve your coffee making even further.

        So if you dont have a grinder the breville ones with grinders are well regarded as a good entry level machine. We went for the infuser and.im seriously wondering about getting a dose control grinder to upgrade from my cheap bodum one.

        • Yes, I do have a grinder but the idea of an all in one is appealing. Thanks for the insights.

  • When I place an order with Briscoes the $7.00 shipping fee comes up on the Cart Total, even though I have selected a store that has the item that I've ordered in stock. It says on the product page that the item is available to be collected tomorrow! I would prefer Click & Collect - how do I change the cart to reflect this, please?

    • +1

      It will default to shipping.
      You need to go to the checkout page and then you will see the option for click & collect.
      Remember, they will still charge $3 for this privilege.

      • Awesome, thanks! Yes, $3 is a bit odd but at least it's better than $7

        • +1

          Make sure you use one of the above mentioned coupons to discount it further.
          If it’s less than $50 use the free shipping coupon.

    • +1

      just go through the check out and choose click and collect, it will change it from $7 to $3.

      • Thank you!

  • Is it worth it getting a sodastream if they do 50% on those? and which one should i get?

    • Get one that has the smallest physical footprint so it takes up less counter space.

    • Get the cheapest one - they all do exactly the same and I don't think is worth investing in what looks good. Ours is the cheapest model 6-7 years old and still functions as new. Sits in a cupboard, comes out for 5min to make something for the kids, then back in the cupboard again.

  • I almost want to buy the KSM160 simply because its such a good deal. Ended up buying the BOV860BSS with the $20 off working.

  • Good price on this clothes line which is rarely more than 20% off:


  • +1

    What would be a good, large frying pan that would last more than a couple of years?

    • My favourite are the Tefal red spot, but only the one with the metal handle. Tried circlon and it was atrocious.

    • +1

      Just get a stainless steel one and learn to use it. After awhile you won’t miss the non stick ones, and clean up is easy cause you can go ham with a wire brush etc

  • Their customer line doesn't know if the soda stream gas refills are included. Have to wait for a store to open

  • +1

    This is a really good price for the Vitamix A2500i @ $680: https://www.briscoes.co.nz/product/1100342/vitamix-ascent-se…

    I paid more than this for an A2300i a couple years ago

    • Thanks good spotting! Got one for $660 including delivery after the $20 off voucher. Product page says free shipping but it charges $7 which I got refunded with a phone call.

    • That is a good price. Only I wish there was one that would mix as well, being able to make a pavlova etc. Trying not to own too many items.

  • +1

    $575 looks to be an alright price for a Samsung Top Loader Washing Machine 7.5 kg Silver WA75F5S6DRA

  • +3

    Oral-B toothbrush heads. 3pk for $16.50.

    • The 2 pack precision clean heads are $9 too

  • +1

    Sharp pricing on our favourite coffee machines;

    Breville Express Impress Barista Coffee Machine BES876BSS - $650
    Breville Barista Express Coffee Machine BES870BSS $550

  • +3

    Bean bag refill at a decent price.

    Cheaper than Kmart & The Warehouse. I got this brand (Dunlop / Big Softy) a few weeks back. So far so good.

    200L $32.50, 100L $16.50.

    • any good bean bags you guys would recommend?

      • +1

        I went with Beanz, an indoor/outdoor bag. Got it from Onceit using my credit.

        • ohh nice, that seems to be on sales at Mitre10 atm

        • I also have Beanz, my one issue has been the metal grommet thing chafed the interior bag and ripped holes in it. I went to give it a refill and it turned into a whole production of sewing up the rips and a big vacuum of all the beans that spilled everywhere.

  • +2

    yes the soda stream refill bottles are 1/2 price

    • +1

      Yeah was only $13.50! So cheap

  • Used & abused, stacked with free shipping. Thanks for the heads-up.

  • Has anyone had any XP with the "Breville Express Impress Barista Coffee Machine BES876BSS" ?

  • Also those Char Broil BBQs seem like a good deal.

    $450, the same seems to be around $430 in USD.. and $900 at other BBQ places in NZ.

  • Some of their philips shavers are quite well priced, especially if you also get $10 or $20 off on top.

    • +1

      Can you share please need a new shaver cheers

  • Any recs on knives? Flatties just moved out and took most things with them

    • If you don’t take care of your knives - e.g don’t use a steel to keep them maintained. I wouldn’t spend $$$ on them.

      Scanpan knives are quite average fyi.

  • Waterproof Pillow protector at a steep discount

  • This Euro Pillow is amazing and 60% off:

  • +1

    Thanks everyone, scored this KitchenAid Food Processor click and collect for $158 with the $20 off coupon. Cheapest elsewhere looks to be ~$300 so very happy . Only cream colour available but it'll live in the cupboard when not in use.

    • I wondering if it would be possible to make a pavlova in this??

  • Just bought a new Black BES870.
    It'll replace the two year old black one in the kitchen. The two year old black one will replace my 4 year old stainless one at work. This was one purchase I didn't need, but at $533… Hard to say no

    • If you have one at work , why not . 5 days a week , weekends barista , sorted

  • +3

    Did the old buy at M10 price match trick - got down from $300 to $255 for this
    Shark Cordless Vacuum Cleaner 180 Watt SKU: 372731 MODEL: IZ102ANZ

    • The reviews says it doesn't have very good suction, I am saving up for a Dyson on sale

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