Power, Broadband, Gas Bundle Deals

Hi, we are moving shortly into our new home and need to sign up to Power, Broadband and Gas bottles.

Looking at Contact as they have all 3, and package deals seems pretty decent, though I’ve heard that they increase power rate if bundled together, which is concerning. Is this true?

Slingshot is another one that has a good deal for power and broadband. Though rate seems to increase a lot at end of 12 months and router not supplied.

Is bundling these items the way to go? or is it best to split each utility? Thoughts please



  • Looking at Contact as they have all 3, and package deals seems pretty decent, though I’ve heard that they increase power rate if bundled together, which is concerning. Is this true?

    I had a look on my address since I'm with Contact. Adding broadband to the plan didn't change the power price. If you are signing the fixed price contract they won't be able to change the rate anyway.

    I'd say play around and get quote from some provider and see where you get better price from. Bundling might work as that gives leeway for the provider to give discount

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    My thoughts are just get the best value offer for each service and don't worry about bundling unless it is the best price.

  • Don’t forget to check the cost of bundling broadband with your mobile provider.

    If I wasn’t employed by a telco (i.e. ignoring staff discounts) then in my situation bundling broadband with mobile would be $6 less per month compared to bundling with energy.

    We’re also with Contact for power and gas, they have been great to deal with. As with @spam I checked that adding broadband to my Contact account wouldn’t change my power or gas rates.

    When you do make a decision don’t forget to check if there’s a referral button on here ;)

  • With contact some of the packages are mutually exclusive
    E.g. you can't choose good night plan with 60 dollar broadband plans.

  • I've sort of given up, will just look at some reasonably good deals and take them out, then repeat the process after the contractual period. Eg. I took the $300 offer by Contact to switch my broadband to them (existing power customers). I was with Stuff Fibre but didn't like it after they merged with Slingshot.

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    We're with Contact for power, bb and gas bottles. The gas bottle seem to have gone up lots over the last year or so, currently $144 per bottle and $128.8 rental. I've just found Frank would be the cheapest at $140 a bottle and no rental fee if you have power with them too…but they can't recognise my smart meter so won't take me on until it's "fixed", it's been looked at recently and was replace, issue is the poor signal.
    Best deal for me was to change power and internet to Slingshot for a year to get the internet at $37.95 a month, then use Frank for gas (paying the $150 annual fee) or stick with Rockgas for $10 more (if we use 8 bottles again this year).
    Genesis for power and gas plus 2 Degrees for internet wasn't too bad. Trustpower look good with low gas prices and half price internet for 6 months but it's $94 to start with so doesn't come out well over a year.
    Even with all the comparision sites, it's not simple aye.

    • Have you taken a look at matagas? They seem to be pretty cheap.

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        Thanks, I hadn't and yes the "from" price looks great ($115) but they don't service Dunedin :(

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    Working in the telco space, my opinion is to keep them seperate so you can shop around for the best deal for each service as the time comes. Nothing worse than being locked in for all your services

  • Personally I don't bundle them, if the price was right I'd consider it but I feel like between the meridian ev plan and the 2degrees offer I'm paying fair less for power and internet than any bundle will offer me.

    I'd just compare expected pricing over a 12 month period of the best value of each and then a bundle as well and that will give you the answer. I'd say unless the bundle works out a decent amount cheaper stick with separate services as you have the freedom fk switch out each one if something better comes along.

  • Thanks all, Going off all the above I think I will separate them. Probably 2 degrees for broadband, and will check Power switch for cheapest power and gas

  • For me it was cheaper to bundle though trust power, switched over from EK for power and vodafone for mobile and broadband

    12 month contract for fibre, power, mobile
    6 months fibre free
    3 months mobile free
    $50 credit for online sign up
    $15 discount/month after the first 6 free months for fibre
    $5 discount/month for mobile

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      It is worth checking the power prices of trust power before committing a 12 month contract on them. Based on my prior checks at no stage were Trustpower ever offered the best bundle deals. often ended up paying much more overall despite the discounts.

      • price of power is frozen for the term of the contract and i compared the price with my EK price before commiting, my monthly bill for power was similar/slightly lower in the last month

        • Thanks. Worth comparing the best price at the time from all electricity providers via the 3 comparison website not just the prior provider. Would be good for me to be proven wrong though to potentially have an alternative option. From all the comparison I made at no point Trustpower ever offered the best price as a package overall. Hence, some people call the free stuff like TV appliance as hire purchase. Trustpower had sold all their retail customers to mercury for about $2000 each may also suggest they are highly profitable. Some of the EK plan are high not all of the plans are good value.
          Also my power cost this month is lower than the prior month with the same company with warmer weather.

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