Sky rip off - can I sign up again?

Sky has decided to move me to their 'standard pricing', which is $20 per month than I pay more, and, incredibly, $20 more than what I would pay if I signed up as a new user now.

I hate Sky and would drop them in a minute but my wife disagrees.

Does anybody know if there is a stand down period between cancelling and signing up again?

Also, can anyone confirm that the new "Sky Box" includes some storage for recording, despite them not mentioning this in the sign up process and their eagerness for me to buy "My Sky Recording" for $15pm.

Yes, I could phone Sky, but communication with them has been a traumatic experience for me in the past

Thank you. Sincerely.

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  • Not an answer to your question OP (though the answer might be in there) but is of relevance.

    Geekzone discussion of the new Sky streaming device (18 pages):…

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      Also of relevance: Wise card + Sky Sport Now = unlimited? free 7-day trials

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        Wise: The 🐐of debit cards.

        From memory, I think Sky has 'wised' up to using the gmail '+' and '.' tricks so you need to use a completely different email address.
        Easy enough to do though.

        • Yup was gonna mention that. Last time I tried, wasted 3 wise cards. By the way for me even the completely new email also didn't work, I think it the ip tracked as well. Had to sign up using my phone network to get it work. Too much headache to be honest.

          • @ace310: I had no problem a couple of week's ago when I did one for my kids.
            Think I just used incognito and then new email and card number. Definitely same IP ro what I had used other times.
            I'll check again.

            Update: I take that back!
            I got rejected, so I must have done it last time via a phone or different IP address.

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              @bigcheese: I used totally different laptop and incognito browser as well. Only thing worked for me was using totally different ip using 4g on my phone. It might be that I already had tried twice to sign up using same IP which could have been flagged.

              But going forward, I am not confident what works.

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                @ace310: Has anyone else noticed the 7-day free trial seems to have disappeared altogether? I was trying to sign up for the tennis tonight but no luck.

  • cancel and have your wife sign up

  • I tried signing up today for a wise card trial. It's now trying to debit $39.99 from your account instead of the $1 it typically takes.

    • There no free 7 day trial anymore so if you subscribe it will bill you a month straight up.

      • Good I didn't have 40bucks credit in my wise account !!

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